Rug Care

All new rugs should last for many years if cared for correctly so we wanted to share some helpful tips on how to care for it, so you can keep your new investment looking and feeling as good as new.  

Care For Your Rug - A&C Homestore

Regular maintenance is required in order to maintain the appearance of your rug and to make it last longer.

We suggest: 

  • Vacuum your rug at least once a week, on a low suction only, to prevent dust and crumbs from settling into the roots of the fibres - ensure to use a brushless attachment. We do not recommend using a rotating head vacuum cleaner as this will agitate the fibres.
  • Take care if using a robot vacuum cleaner on rugs with longer pile or tassels. They may get caught in the rotating brushes. 
  • Avoid direct and continuous exposure to sunlight and rotate often (every 6 months) in order to prevent noticeable sun fade. 
  • Use rug protectors under the legs of heavy furniture to avoid flattening piles.
  • Rotate your carpet by 180° every six months, as this will decrease wear to heavily used areas.
  • If you need to store your rug do this in a dry, well-ventilated area.
  • Use of a rug pad is recommended. This will help extend the life of your rug by preventing fibres from being crushed as it acts as a buffer between hard surfaces and the rug.

Some other points to note: 

Rugs that are made from natural fibres (like wool) can result in shedding/pilling. Shedding is a result of the fibres in the rug becoming loose and is completely normal. Shedding will settle down within a few months of use.  

To help keep the shedding to a minimum take care when vacuuming. Vacuum on a low suction. A flat head attachment is preferable to create as little friction as possible. You should start by vacuuming your rug in one direction that goes against the pile, then do the opposite by vacuuming in the direction of the pile and repeat the process until you have done the whole area. By using this method, you first lift the pile and catch any loose fibres and loosen any dirt, then you smooth out the pile for a fuzz free finish.

Rug placement is another factor when trying to eliminate rug shedding. If you place your rug in a high traffic area it can increase the shedding. It may be a good idea to place the rug in a less busy area of the home for a short time and then move it into place once the shedding stops.

Pop Ups
Pop-ups are another completely normal characteristic of handwoven rugs. They should not be considered a fault. Pop-ups can either be left alone or gently pushed back into the structure of the rug. We do not suggest pulling or cutting out threads as this can lead to holes appearing.

As our rugs are handmade the finished size may have a variation of +/- 3% from the size ordered, This is because our rugs are an individual handwoven product. 

Our rugs are shipped in sealed wrap to protect them from damage. On occasion the odours from the raw materials can be saturated during the shipping process. Once the rug is exposed to fresh air the odour should dissipate within a few days to a week.

Our rugs are rolled for shipping and some creases may occur. Creasing should disappear after a few weeks of rolling out.  Reverse rolling your rug overnight will accelerate this process.

Care For Your Rug - A&C Homestore

We hope these tips will help you increase the lifespan of your rug for many years ahead. Our team are here for any questions or concerns you have, whether it's caring for your rug or if you're needing a recommendation for styling within your home. Get in touch!

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