Through our Thoughtfully Collection, we aim to encourage mindful purchasing by offering purposeful pieces that are kind to people and the planet.

Central to this collection is the desire to support local makers, promote innovative and sustainable materials, fund positive environmental initiatives, ensure longevity through quality craftsmanship and reduce waste.

Within this collection, you’ll find beautiful items to accompany your everyday, easily identifiable by our ‘Thoughtfully Collection’ badge online or our special swing ticket in store.

These products will have met at least one of the following qualifiers:

  • Has been made in New Zealand
  • Has been made under the highest ethical standards
  • Is crafted from recycled materials
  • Supports diversity in its business practices 
  • Has been designed to reduce waste and replace single use plastics



Some of our favourite additions include:



The Alohas way is about bringing sustainable production and responsible shopping to the forefront of the fashion industry. Made in Spain, they produce locally to ensure lower carbon footprint, regular visits to manufacturing facilities to ensure prime labor conditions and careful craftsmanship by trusted artisans. The handpicked providers Aloha's work with include Leather Working Group certified suppliers. View the collection.


Baggu's mission is to make simple, high quality bags that feel good to use. The bags are all durable and multi-purpose so you can own less 'stuff'. They have strict construction methods to minimise material waste and choose fabrics based on a minimal environmental footprint. View the collection.


Started by a Kiwi engineer to reduce the number of broken umbrellas that end up as landfill each year, Blunt is now a world leader in innovation and design. Blunt Umbrellas are designed to be fully repaired, giving the brand a 'Repair, not Replace' ethos. They back this up with a 2-year global manufacturer’s warranty if you something goes wrong. View the collection.

Fibre by Auskin

Fibre by Auskin ensures ethically sourced, sustainably produced, family safe sheepskin products. You’ll find a sheepskin texture to suit every space and to compliment furniture, bedding, and floor spaces. View the collection.

Frank Green

Single use coffee cups are a thing of the past and Frank Green offer an amazing alternative! Their award-winning design means that these cups are spill-proof, dishwasher safe, double-walled, recyclable at end of life and made from premium quality materials with a non-slip grip. View the collection.


IAMMI is more than just skincare - its turning everyday routines into powerful practices of self care. Founded by Mimi Gilmour Buckley. Discover the beautiful range of skincare products made up of a balm, exfoliant and serums from IAMMI.

Joska & Sons Mirrors

Designed and handmade by Joska Easterbrook in Lyttleton, Christchurch, these mirrors are works of high quality and craftsmanship. Joska has an appreciation for 'things made well' that comes through in his pieces: prioritising simplicity, longevity and material quality. View the collection.  

Kowtow Clothing

Kowtow is engaged with a slow production chain, where collections take 18 months from design to delivery. Kowtow supports fair wages, no child labor, workers rights, gender equality & grower community. All garments are certified by non-profit, internationally recognised organisations. View the collection.

Isle Of Eden 

Isle of Eden is a local New Zealand brand, designed and distributed from their Auckland based studio. They know what it means to need a good pair of glasses that complement the individual, protect the face, and leave minimal impact on the environment. View the collection.

Raaie Skincare 

The RAAIE philosophy is to harness the healing alchemy of the natural world, with a focus on rare New Zealand botanicals. Discover a new realm of science-backed skincare using high strength, pro-grade ingredients fused with the healing powers of New Zealand botanicals to nourish, brighten and protect your skin. View the collection.

Special Studio

Located in Mount Maunganui, Special Studios is a 3D printer design brand and production studio making treasured objects for the home. All of the products are 3D printed locally, using at least 98% recycled plastic combined with additive manufacturing to produce new objects - reducing waste and lowering the environmental impact. View the collection.

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