Every linen set sold plants 10 trees

Our Vision

Since 2017, we have been consciously adjusting our business to ensure that our products are both kind to our people and the planet. 

We’re striving further to set a new standard, aiming to generate a positive impact on the environment by restoring more to nature than we take.

Our Partnership

We have been teamed up with Trees For The Future®, an organisation helping impoverished communities plant tree gardens to replenish crop growth, save our environment and ultimately free families from poverty.

With our partner Trees For the Future® we’re re-paying our environmental impact by planting up to ten trees for every linen purchase.

How It Works

Trees For The Future® train farmers to change the way they use their land and grow their food. Once farmers make this change, they begin to break cycles that harm the land and ecosystems.

With every purchase, you provide these tools and training for local communities to plant themselves out of poverty and hunger for generations to come.

Our Impact

Trees Planted

The solution to the climate crisis is right under our feet. Healthy soils and rich plant life naturally capture the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide in plant leaves, roots and within the soil. Thanks to our community we have  contributed 4,000 trees and pulled in 289.28 tons of carbon. And this is only the beginning!

Turning degraded land into fertile forest gardens.


Forest Gardens deliver on three key outcomes; People, Planet & Profit. Growing these gardens allows communities to escape the vicious cycle of hardship and plant their way out of poverty and hunger for themselves and their family.


Increasing biodiversity improves the soil, which increases food production for consumption by both humans and animals, all while packing a powerful nutritional punch without harmful chemicals and helping families to be food secure.


Forest Gardens are constantly absorbing carbon, transforming the air we breathe, and restoring balance to barren landscapes serving both people and the planet. Families learn land management and conservation for long-term gains, preventing future unsustainable land-use practices.


Food systems change everything. Sustainably restored land offers a regular supply of food and income for the whole family. This profit is what closes the loop.  Families start to see more paydays, an increase in income, and a more reliable source of money.