Our Vision

To offset our carbon footprint and
invest in a healthy planet for future generations.

Since 2017, we have been consciously adjusting our business to ensure that our products are both kind to our people and the planet.  

We’re striving further to set a new standard, aiming to generate a positive impact on the environment by restoring more to nature than we take.

Our Partnership

As we continue to grow as a brand, so too does our commitment to be more sustainable. Since 2022, we have been offsetting the environmental impacts of producing our bedding through tree planting. We are proud to have teamed up with Trees That Count - a local Aotearoa company planting native trees here in our home country.

How It Works:

For every bedding purchase you make we will donate to Trees That Count. Trees That Count will match each donation with restoration projects around the country to collectively and positively impact our environment.  

Trees That Count are supported by over 600+ other Kiwi companies so working together we are making a difference in creating greater biodiversity, cleaner waterways, and stronger communities.

Growing a brighter future for ourselves and our future generations right here in Aotearoa

Our Impact

New Zealand Native Trees Planted

Healthy soils and rich plant life naturally capture the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide in plant leaves, roots and within the soil.

Thanks to the A&C Community we are contributing to supporting Aotearoa’s unique native forests and biodiversity, and to grow a brighter future for ourselves and our future generations.

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