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Reindeer Hide

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Reindeer hides have a soft and beautiful texture and offer a perfect look for winter - or all year round depending on how you plan to use it. 

These hides are a bi-product of the meat industry in Norway.


As these hides are all a little different, they do differ slightly in size. These Hides are classed as a 'large' size, and are approximately 120cm L x 95cm W.



These hides are real fur, which means all are unique in character and colour. There are a range of colours between a paler grey/brown to some that are more of a darker tone of grey/brown.

We don't offer colour options, as we hope you can understand and expect that each hide is going to be unique in colour.

You may have at the start some shedding - residual loose hairs from the tanning process. Give your hide a shake now and then outside. This is a natural hide and so you should expect shedding. 

A reindeer hide is a unique, natural product. The hair is hollow, which makes it more susceptible to breaking and shedding. Shedding is to be expected from a reindeer hide and we recommend careful handling of this beautiful product, to minimise this. The hide should not be placed on the floor in high traffic areas. It should be kept away from sunlight and direct heat, such as fires, heaters and underfloor heating. Drying out of the reindeer hide will lead to excessive shedding of the hairs.