Our take on Rustic Styling

At A&C we are drawn to an earthy colour palette which we find is always at home with rustic furniture and texture.

We know ‘Rustic Style’ has previously become quite cringeworthy, and you may think we are talking about drift wood and industrial rusty steel styling? No, no! Our take on rustic style is soft, warm and classic, let us take you through how we like to apply Rustic styling throughout the home.

A&C Rustic is attracted to organic, unique, handmade and natural textured furniture and furnishings. The colour palettes are usually neutral and we make our points of interest with texture or patterns. 

Let us take you through a couple rooms to explain some of our go to looks.


You can't go wrong with neutral tones and natural materials in the bedroom. When it comes to styling the bed, choose two or three pillow sizes to layer, this is a nice way to  introduce different textures and slight differentiation in colour.

Rustic Styling for the Bedroom at A&C Homestore

The colour palette swings heavily towards neutral, but there is room for bold, so long as it keeps to earthy tones allowing the space to stay open and breathing. 

Our go to bedding colours to provide a neutral backdrop for creating a warm and cosy rustic look are

Natural, Laurel, Rosemary, Ivory, Pinstripe

Animal Hides are always at home with rustic styling. Styled on the bed, or on a chair. This staple piece can be styled all year round depending on how you plan to use it.

Rustic Bedside Styling


For the bedside table, a minimal option like our Timothy Teak is the perfect base to build up the accessories on top to make the style yours. Handmade ceramics and a feature bedside lamp sit right at home next to this natural bed setting.

Sitting effortlessly we have a ceramic clay vase paired with a hand-made ceramic mug for those evening cups of teas tucked up in bed. And the statement piece of course, is a beautiful table lamp with jute rope shade and simple, matte white base.

Complete the bedroom with The Timothy Teak Bench, a classic natural teak wooden bench. Great for entryways, extra seating, or how we like to have it – at the end of the bed. 


Timothy Teak Bench


Rustic styling is about embracing natural materials. Adding an organic accent piece of furniture creates warmth and a level of interesting texture to your space.

Our go to furniture pieces for adding character are made with Teak that all come with completely unique finish, each piece is slightly different.

Adding an organic touch will bring an immediate natural flair to your space, whether it's through artwork or live plants. Our gorgeous range of faux plants, sit perfectly on our Timothy Teak Stools - a rustic stool, ideal for a wee plant stand! Super versatile, he'll always find a spot in your place. 

Rustic Interior Decor at A&C Homestore

The Harry Sling chair is the perfect addition to your lounging set-up, with natural tones, solid leather and a sustainably sourced teak wooden frame. This design style is great for those who desire to rest among natural beauty and bring the outside in. Build the look up with Rusty Iceland Sheepskin, superior in quality and feel, with long natural wool that adds some textured cosiness.



This rustic meets traditional dining nook is all about building texture. With a sculptural shape and natural concrete finish, the Milano Round Table is a standout piece wherever she’s placed. A no-fuss option that can be used outdoor for your garden, balcony or patio, as well as within your home, too.

A nod to the iconic bentwood design of a hundred years ago, the Harvey Rattan Chair finds its place back at the table in today's dining room, looking right at home! The Harvey sits perfectly in contemporary spaces or gives a more trendy vibe in a traditional setting. 


Rustic table settings are all about laid-back aesthetic appeal.  This beautiful range of dining accessories features organic shapes and earthy glazes, with all the natural materials, presenting an ultra-sleek twist.

  • Elm Board Round, $119.99
  • Soho Short Glass Tumbler, $7.99
  • MENU Salt & Pepper Grinders - Ash and Carbon (Walnut Lid) $139.99
  • A&C Linen Napkin Set of 4 - Chai $39.99
  • Unknown Vase - White, $99.99
  • Round Placemat - Antique White $17.99
  • Coasters Set of 4 Round - White $24.99
  • Poets Dream Water Jug - 1.2L Vanilla $79.99
  • Fountain Brass Candle Holder - Medium $139.99