Nature's Palette with Dulux & Homestyle

For the latest issue of Homestyle Magazine, Alex created a nature-inspired space that brings the outside world in, using a palette of Dulux Colours of New Zealand. See her styling notes below, as well as how to get the look at your place.

What seems like a lifetime ago, I used to enjoy travelling the world for my job, but there was nothing better than coming home to New Zealand. As I flew in, I’d gaze at the lush green landscape with its patchwork of farms and appreciate the contrast to the concrete jungles of other countries, quietly hoping we’d be able to keep it that way.

I’m always inspired by nature when it comes to interiors. Although many of us aren’t so lucky as to have homes with views of bush and rolling hills, I love the idea of bringing that kind of freshness inside.

With this look, I’ve created a natural backdrop by grounding the grey-green of Dulux Hoon Hay on one wall with native green Dulux Tarras on the floor. This pairing is right at home with the everyday neutrals Dulux Kauri Cliffs and Dulux Haast Half I’ve used on the other walls, combining to create a warm, inviting setting. I’ve brought character into this scene with vibrant orange-red Dulux Pōrangahau, which channels the bright pops of rooftops, autumn leaves and pōhutukawa flowers I also love seeing from above.

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