At Home With Meg

Step into the world of Meg, our Buyer, as we embark on a visit to her Urban sanctuary in Point Chev.

Inside, you'll discover a captivating blend of mid-century styles and intriguing textures that bring her space to life. We delve into conversations about the significance of investing in home pieces you truly adore and stand the test of time, as well as hearing about her latest DIY endeavours, where she fearlessly paints her house, adding a personal touch to her living space.

Tell us a little about you and your home and the people who live with you?

We bought our place about 5 years ago and I live here with my husband and two boys. We love living in Point Chev – there’s a huge amount of green space close by and it has a nice community vibe. Originally the central part of our house was a state house built in the 1940s and there has been a modern addition on both front and back. The latest addition was the garage, entrance and the boys bedrooms. The addition was done by architect Mark Frazerhurst and I love the juxtaposition of the new and old. 

At Home With Meg - A&C Homestore

What’s the last thing you brought for your home?

I’ve just bought a beautiful Sandringham Rug from Baya for our front living room.  It’s 100% wool and such a beautiful tone of soft gold. It reflects the light in that room beautifully. I’m going to add linen sheer curtains and a 1977 sofa from King Living to finish it off. Just have to save up first! 

At Home With Meg - A&C Homestore

How would you describe your design style?

I definitely have an affinity for the mid-century design aesthetic but in a minimalist way. I hate clutter and actually don’t own a lot. I think because I work with homewares all day at work I avoid too much print & pattern and prefer texture. I like to have some space and clarity in my environment at home.

At Home With Meg - A&C Homestore

At Home With Meg - A&C Homestore

Any advice for creating a home you love?

Only buy what you truly love and buy well once. I think you need to be aware of fashionable styles but almost only to avoid falling into the trap of updating your space to follow them. If you buy only what you love regardless of whether it’s trending – it will stand the test of time. I’m certainly guilty of purchasing the odd thing from Ikea but where you can – buy solid wood furniture – even if you have to buy second-hand and renovate it.

At Home With Meg - A&C Homestore

At Home With Meg - A&C Homestore

Proudest DIY:

I’ve been gradually painting the entire inside of our home. Painting ceilings are a killer! But my proudest moment is probably building some temporary ply cabinetry for our laundry until we’re ready to renovate it. Most weekends there’s some DIY project I’ll be getting into.

The coolest place you’ve been to:

It would have to be San Sebastian in the Basque Country in Spain. In fact all of Spain I rate highly. But this cool little town and the surrounding area are a foodie’s heaven. We spent a weekend exploring the vineyards of Rioja then the pinxtos bars during the evenings. There’s even good surf there. 

Best cup of coffee/tea is at:

I mostly drink coffee at home but locally I’ll grab a takeaway from Daily Bread or the Little French Pastry Café in Pt Chev.

Your go-to local eatery:

Not totally local but I love the food and drinks at Hello Beasty down in the viaduct. Their kimchi bloody Mary is my perfect drink. Omni on Dominion Road is absolutely delicious too. For a little snack and drink in the late afternoon – Bar Martin in Mt Albert is perfect.

Favourite interior account to follow:

I love the work of Simone Haag, an interior designer based in Melbourne. Her use of textiles and vintage objects to create layers of texture in the home are second to none. @simonehaag.

Brave New Eco is another Melbourne based architecture studio that renovate homes with an incredible mid-century aesthetic but with an sustainable angle. Love everything they do @braveneweco 

If you could bring back a fashion or home trend what would it be:

I love the idea of a sunken conversation pit in a home. If I were to build a new home I’d definitely put one of those in. Maybe even with a floating fire place!

Finish this sentence: I’m currently loving....

The idea of travelling and having adventures again post-covid. I’m scheming about sailing around the Pacific or doing an RV road trip through the USA with my family.