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MENU Salt & Pepper Grinders - Hunting Green and Beige (Walnut Lid)

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Menu’s Philosophy is simple: to make the world better, less complicated and a little bit nicer to wake upto. These grinders are no exception to this rule, with an upside down design that ensures neither salt nor pepper sprinkles out when not in use - only when you are grinding, to avoid those pesky stray bits otherwise normally left on the table and the powerful ceramic mechanism encourages even further experiments as it tackles a wide range of spices, grains, nuts, seeds and dried fruits. 

Height - 20cm Tall

Sleek plastic outer
Ceramic Grinder 
Wood lid

Set of 2.

Care: Avoid placing bottle grinders near any hot areas such as direct sunlight / ovens as heat can damage the seal of these grinders. After emptying the grinders we recommend, that cleaning is done with lukewarm water mixed with soap (dish-wash liquid is fine) and a cloth, this will help clean the grinder gently and make the matte surface reappear. Do not use any cleaners with chemicals, solvents, or harsh abrasives.