Why Linen

Linen provides a dream, year-round sleep setting that keeps you cool in summer and cosy in winter thanks to its breathability, high absorbency and hypoallergenic properties.

While keeping you cool, calm and comfortable, you can also feel at peace that Linen is a low impact natural fibre on the environment, where every part of the flax is used to produce useful products. It also has minimal waste using 20 times less water than the production of cotton.

Our Promise

We feel immense responsibility as a collective to actively contribute to preserving the earth and seek ways to balance our impacts where possible. How?

We have partnered with ‘Trees for The Future’ who support farmers around the world to plant trees and in return, the trees take care of them and us.

Reforestation protects and revitalises land, captures carbon, and restores biodiversity and families.