The Thoughtfully Collection

Be mindful. Shop well. Use less.
Plastic Free July is here, marking the launch of our new ‘THOUGHTFULLY’ range – a considered collection of everyday items to help you simplify your space and reduce your waste.

Like most, the escalating issue of plastic waste and its impact on our planet is a growing concern for us at A&C. Every year, up to 8.3 million tonnes of plastic ends up in our oceans. We recognise our responsibility as a business to try and be part of the solution, rather than part of the problem, which is where the idea for this collection came from.

As well as looking at our own systems within our own business, like switching to biodegradable packaging and setting up new recycling protocols, we've also been busy sourcing this range of really cool items to help you make some simple changes around the home to reduce your waste - especially single use plastics.  
Featured in THOUGHTFULLY, is a selection of reusable produce and market bags, including our own A&C styles, made from sustainable materials and designed to fit effortlessly in your handbag or car for the grocery run.

With some amazing glass and ceramic containers joining our kitchen range, now you can keep food stored safely and conveniently without the need for plastic containers or film – check out our quality Duralex stackable containers and natural, reusable beeswax wrap. Our tall ceramic canister also makes the perfect on-bench compost collector!

And for drinks hot or cold, let our Frank Green Smart Cups and S’well Stainless Steel Bottles be your everyday companions for carrying coffee, tea and water in sustainable style.