The Sunset Settee

People often ask me for advice on what to do with small or awkwardly sized areas in their homes. When I see these spaces, I must agree some spots are more challenging than others to make look beautiful, or at the very least, useful! You too might find yourself staring at a tight or tricky corner of your home and thinking, ‘what the heck do I do with that?’.

This month’s room reveal is designed to introduce you to, or reacquaint you with, the idea of a settee sitting area – a title that maybe feels more suited to your great Aunt’s conservatory than your own modern home, but one that may just help to solve that awkward spatial design dilemma! 

“What is a ‘settee’”, I hear you ask? Put simply, it is a small sofa that can accommodate one to two people comfortably in a space that’s maybe not big enough for a full blown, seated living area. Nowadays, with our smaller living spaces, this is a great trick for making your home feel more comfortable, functional and sometimes a bit bigger, by allowing you to avoid the clutter of clunky furniture. 

If you have an entry way in your home, you’ll know that this can often be a tricky space to style. So here we’ve tackled the awkward entry way using a family home favourite Dulux Okarito on the walls with a beautiful hero piece settee. This gorgeous moss velvet settee has been designed by Douglas & Bec and I’ve fallen in love with it. It’s the perfect size to be positioned in a hallway, master bedroom, lounge or office.

As the first space guests see as you welcome them into your home, the entry way deserves a little love in the styling department, so if space allows, try recreating this look yourself following our settee styling tips.

Don’t overdo the styling with too many cushions or accessorising, it will only make the seat feel smaller. One well selected throw and one cushion should do the trick!

Add a piece of artwork on the wall above your settee, or place a rug under it to help set the boundary to this room/area. Hanging plants work well here too!

Slide some stylish shallow baskets underneath to create added storage for shoes, umbrellas and other out-the-door essentials that could otherwise clog up the floor space.

Styling: Alex Walls, Photography: Helen Bankers