The Dulux Colour Forecast | Winter 2021

Nothing gets us excited for the cooler season like Dulux's annual Winter Colour Forecast update. This year, Dulux is predicting that warm, grounded colours evoking security and comfort are set to dominate the home colour trends, and we couldn’t agree more.

The 'Retreat' Palette

Of the three palettes identified in the 2021 Dulux Colour Forecast – the Retreat Palette – is one that instantly caught our eye and connected with the heart of the A&C brand. See the Dulux Winter Forecast here.

"Earthy tones and muted colours are all drawn from nature – think oceanic blues, nourishing greens, soft greys and touches of mustard. They bring the outside in – ideal for a time when most of us are stuck indoors for long stretches – and plug into the growing movement for wellness in design."

– Davina Harper, Dulux Colour Specialist.

Imagery c/o Dulux NZ. Photographed by @lisacohenphoto, styled by @breeleech. Wall colour Dulux Lake Brenner, ceilings & windows Dulux Mt Aspiring Double. Artwork Liam Snootle 'Fast Forward' from Studio Gallery.


Our 'Retreat' Room

The words ‘blue’ and ‘warm’ don’t always go together, which is why here at A&C we’ve previously (very unfairly) tended to overlook the blues for more autumnal tones. But we love how Dulux has used a deep blue base alongside earthy greens, rich ochres, and natural tones and materials – creating an overall sense of warmth and cosiness. Davina’s reference to blue as a colour occurring in nature has made us think how we can use blue in our spaces to evoke stormy beach days and rugged coastlines this winter.

Starting with a feature wall of Dulux Five Fingers Peninsula, a subtle, steel blue, we contrasted this against off-white Dulux Mt Aspiring. Our Lake Linen Duvet is a perfect tonal match to the blue wall, and our earthy sheets add the needed warmth to soften the overall room. Ecru coloured cushions & throws tie-in with Mt Aspiring and complete the overall space.

The 'Retreat' Collection

Inspired by Dulux’s Retreat palette, we’ve put together a range that can work together to create a similar look.