Summer Sips

Entertaining season is upon us and here at A&C we love a good party! Blow your guests away by creating the WOW factor with your drinks.

Our clever Visual Merchandiser Jane has come up with four drinks to elevate any party and shows us that ice cube trays aren't only for ice!


The delicate detail of this etched petal sphere lends itself to some gorgeous colour. Think Pink Grapefruit, Cranberry or Pineapple juice. Freeze your juice in the molds, pop the spheres in a fancy glass and pour over Prosecco for a simple Summer’s day treat.

Cocktail Ice Tray - Petal - Charcoal

Everyday Tray

Move your coffee into Summer mode by freezing espresso directly in the everyday ice cube tray – pile the cubes in a tall tumbler and pour over your favourite chilled milk.

Peak Ice Works Everyday Ice Cube Tray

Everyday Tray

Freezing edible flowers in your everyday ice cube tray makes for a super pretty display. Half fill your tray with filtered water and position the flowers in the water and freeze to stop them from floating to the top. Once the ice is firm enough to hold the flower in position, fill to the top and finish freezing. Pile into a champagne bucket and submerge your bottle of bubbles.

Peak Ice Works Everyday Ice Cube Tray

XL Tray

Your XL ice cube tray is not just for keeping your drinks cold. Freeze berries and herbs in filtered water to infuse your drink as it thaws or make mini cheesecakes or layered parfaits in a perfect serving size.

Peak Ice Works XL Ice Cube Tray

Sphere Ice Mould 

Adapt your cuppa for the warmer weather. Brew your favourite fruit or herbal tea, leave to chill & pour over Sphere Ice Cubes. Add dried fruit to enhance the flavours! 

Sphere Ice Mould - Marble Black


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