Lightin' Up

Choosing the right lighting for your space can feel like such a juggling act. Whether you are renovating or building, finding a cohesive balance between functionality and ambiance can become a struggle, which often leads to lighting becoming a forgotten about necessity within the home. 

When it comes to lighting, functionality is usually the first aspect that springs to mind. This can be perceived both through highlighting architectural aspects, and accommodating for a range of activities within a space. Simply put, lighting can be slotted into one of three types.

Menu Carrie LED Lamp - Polished Brass

Task Lighting - Whether you are relaxing with a good book under the Pia Floor Lamp, finishing off a late night project within the shine of the Meridian lamp, or cooking up a storm in the kitchen, task lighting is something you will absolutely need. Lighting such as pendants and desk lamps, like our new Arlen desk light, will allow you to hone in on the specific job at hand. Most importantly, task lighting improves the way you use or spend time within a space.

Ralph Desk, Pia Desk Lamp - At Home Office

Decorative Lighting will give you the chance to achieve a desired effect or focus on a specific point of interest.  Architecturally the construction, colour, and materiality of a space would be rendered useless without the proper use of decorative lighting. This could mean using recessed lighting to accentuate an alcove in your ceiling, using track lighting to highlight artwork, or using wall lights to create shadow and depth. Decorative lighting gives the impression of a larger space

Meridian Lamp - Ferm Living

Mood Lighting is used to alter the ambience and atmosphere of a space - it’s almost like giving a room a personality. Mood lighting can give a fresh perspective to a space. Our portable Menu Carrie Lamps can be used to create a feeling of intimacy anywhere in the house, and floor lamps can make a space inviting. There’s a reason why white and yellow lighting is the most commonly used colouring - these colours give you an energy boost. The Curve Table Lamp can be used to emit a soft glow to ease your morning wake up. Mood lighting is all about the feeling you want to emit into a space.

Menu Carrie Lamp

When used well, lighting exudes a sense of warmth and creates a space of comfort - all the while being functional. So on that note, take a look at our range of lighting pieces that you could use to create an effective, yet atmospheric space. 

01. MENU Carrie Lamp
02. Pia Desk Lamp
03. Meridian Lamp