At Home With Fiona Goddard

Fiona Goddard is a freelance makeup artist; currently navigating maternity leave in Tāmaki Makaurau. We had the joy of shooting our Laurel Linen in Fiona’s beautiful first home, a 1910 villa.

Here, we discuss Fiona navigating motherhood during lockdown, her daily rituals she’s been practicing, and all the exciting details on her first home renovations.  

What have you learnt as a new mother?    

Simplistic little pleasures keep me happy like my morning coffee, walks in the fresh air and sun. Watching my kids play and really being present with them   

What daily rituals are you performing to keep healthy and happy? 

We bought our home coming up 4 years ago, it was extremely outdated and needed work in every area from indoors to landscaping. 

We fell in love with the character of the home and could see huge potential for making it into our dream home, with Josh’s building skills and my love for interior styling we have slowly tackled the renovations ourselves in that time. 

It’s been a huge job but the reward of seeing the old girl get a new lease on life has far outweighed the work involved and setbacks along the way. 

 Fiona Goddard - Home

Can you tell us a little bit about your home? What’s your approach to decorating?

I guess you could say I love neutral soft earthy tones and textures, mixing old and new. I try and hero the character of the home as best I can while still keeping the furnishings modern.

“Less is more for me and I definitely like to invest in key forever pieces where I can.”

A&C Homestore Laurel Linen - Fiona Goddard Bedroom

How do you keep the balance of creating a home you’re excited about aesthetically while also keeping it kid friendly? 

Having a home with lots of shelving and two fire place mantles is great, a lot of things are put up out of reach of small hands. The TV on the wall is amazing too! 

I might not be the best person to ask this as we do have white linen furniture, definitely not kid friendly but the fact it’s all machine washable is great.  


Fiona Goddard At Home 

What are you looking at doing next with renovations?

We have always had a bigger plan in mind for the home in terms of extending the back of the house which will include completely re doing the kitchen/dining, master bathroom and perhaps adding a second lounge area. 

So we are hoping that if things go well for us this year we will be able to start on that. I cannot wait for a new kitchen!

Fiona's top five picks: 

1.  Ripple Champagne Saucers 
2.  Menu Carrie Lamp - Black
3.  Frank Green Reusable Bottle
4.  Orlando Four Seater Sofa 
5.  Fold Beside Table - White


For more from Fiona Goddard, follow her at @fionagoddard_ 

Styling: Alex Walls, Margot Phillips Photography: Sophia Bayley