Interior Styling Service With Annabelle Hill

Over the years, we have often been asked if our team would come into your homes  to help style your space. We are excited to say recently we have launched the 'Interior Styling Service' where you can work with our team in your home to transform your space. We caught up with Annabelle from our Christchurch team after she completed a stunning space for one of her Christchurch customers.

01 Tell us about the space that you have been working with? 

The spaces I was working with was a Living room, Entryway, and Bedroom.
The living room is a beautiful space with tons of natural lighting. It has two sets of sliders each side of the room which both go into outdoor areas! It’s truly a gorgeous spot set within Tai Tapu, Christchurch.

My aim with this space was to bring in lighter furniture pieces to highlight the natural light, a rug to add texture, as well as center the space. I also wanted to bring in some natural timber elements; a coffee table would add contrast and warmth to the space.

The Entry way doesn't have as much natural light, so my aim was to bring in some mirrors to reflect the light in the space.

The bedroom was styled with a couple of bedside tables, lamps, and a bench seat to fill a recess in a wall. I wanted to carry the same look from the living space into the bedroom and bring in natural timbers combined with some lighter tones.

02 What problems did you face, and how were they solved when styling the space? 

I wanted to create more of a flow between the kitchen, dining and living room. I reassessed the space by simply changing the couch and table layout which opened up the space and made the space feel much larger. 

Adding a lighter rug, with beautiful texture, has added another point of interest in the space, as well as being great for their acoustics and warmth.

What inspired your design process on this project?

My overall focus was LIGHT AND BRIGHT! I looked through all items we stock and some custom items to find the right pieces for the space. I knew I wanted to bring in linen and timber, so I went straight to our Boston Sofa and Bernard Coffee Table for the living space.

I wanted to introduce warmer tones in a rug to compliment the Boston Sofa and Bernard Table so I paired this with the Ulster Rug which was the perfect fit. It is also extremely durable so perfect for their wee pooch!

04 How does this space function?

Between the living room and kitchen, I wanted to create a cohesive feel so the spaces flowed into one. The Ulster Rug has really changed the acoustics and added more warmth for winter.

In the entry way I wanted to make the space feel more open by emphasising the natural light. Bringing in mirrors enabled me to reflect the natural light available in the space.

05 What key pieces have you used in the space?