In Her Shoes: Rosie from Rose Tinted Flowers


Oh hey, I’m Rosie and I have a florist business in Ponsonby. We’re Rose Tinted. I didn’t have any florist experience before starting it. I was working in advertising and quickly knew it wasn’t an area where I was going to thrive I quickly jumped ship. I knew I wanted something that would feed my soul. Nearly 5 years later, here we are still.

talking business.

When setting out on your current path in business, what was the vision you had for the future and how is this different (or the same) to your reality today?

That’s a tricky one. When I started, I knew I wanted to do something that I loved (and ideally fill my bank account). I’m lucky that it still does both. In my naivety, I thought it would be ‘easier’ but even though we’re fairly well established, every week brings new challenges, some are easier than others.

talking health.

Name two of your favourite ‘feel-good’ activities that help to maintain your wellbeing – one that’s virtuous and one that’s a vice (or a guilty pleasure) – and tell us what you love about them.

Easy. Walking the dog (Molly). We joke about going on family walks... we get her all wound up before we head out. Molly gets so excited, picks up her ball and goes trotting off down the driveway ahead of us. She’s hilarious.

My second is cooking (cooking is great but eating is even better). When we moved to our house the kitchen was red (aggressively red) which we’ve recently painted a more palatable white. Now I can spend ages pottering around cooking, baking, eating...

talking home.

How do you approach the styling of your home to make it truly ‘yours’ and how do you like to spend your time there?

At the moment we’re doing a lot of DIY (I say we, but Sam is doing the hard work). I’m not a fan of DIY but the end result is ah-mazing. I mentioned we had an aggressive red kitchen... we also had a slime green laundry (that's slime, not lime), a mustard lounge (which I love), plus another green room and a blue room which we’re slowly re-painting. Sam and I both love mid century styling so our home is very much that. Think Mad Men meets Titirangi. When we’re not toiling over DYI, I’m working on the veggie garden or chilling in the hammock/reading chair. It’s my absolute favourite spot in the house... it gets the afternoon sun, with a foot stool and the side board to hold my coffee/wine (time of day dependant).

talking love.

Thinking about your favourite couple of all time (real or imaginary), tell us what it is about their bond you admire or aspire to have more of in your own relationships?

I love Patti Smith and Robert Mapplethorpe. They were friends, lovers, soulmates and eachothers muse (remember the cover of Horses? He photographed her). Even after he came out and their romantic relationship ended, they remained friends and creative partners.

talking women.

What do you think some of the big issues women are facing today and what change would you like to see happen before International Women’s Day 2021?

1) I would love to see Harvey Weinstein spend a night in jail instead of in hospital.

2) I would like to see abortions taken out of the crimes act.

3) And I would like pay parity with our male counterparts.

When you break it down, it doesn’t seem too much to ask does it?