Green Retreat

Want to make your home feel more like a sanctuary? When life gets a little crazy, it’s important to create a little corner of calm for yourself. In our latest Room Reveal, we’ve created an eco-inspired ‘Green Retreat’ using a natural palette and material mix, and now we’re dreaming about all the slow mornings and lazy afternoons to be spent reading, relaxing and reflecting here!

Living in New Zealand, we’re spoilt by our remarkable natural surroundings. Even if you live in the middle of the city, you’re never far from an idyllic beach, forest, mountain or river, and this inspires me every day in my styling decisions. Whether it’s in the materials used, the textures added or the colour choices made, my home always reflects my love for that raw, untouched natural landscape we’re lucky to live in.

Challenged to create a room using a natural palette and material mix as a starting point, I’ve created an ‘Eco Retreat’ where I imagine spending sunny mornings and lazy afternoons relaxing. Here are my tips for creating your own little sanctuary, so you can be instantly transported to the quiet forests and calming beaches we are lucky to know and love.


  • Natural, sustainable pine plywood makes a great wall lining or flooring solution that can be not only practical and economical, but also a great design feature. It adds a beautiful warmth to a room.
  • Timber features work effortlessly with an earthy colour palette of olive green, warm brown and dark charcoal. Here, the floor colour, Dulux Invercargill, perfectly complements the golden woodgrain of the wall.
  • Raw textures add a homely and calming touch, like this handknotted rug in pure wool, with it’s natural imperfections adding to the character of the room.
  • One of the easiest ways to bring a bit of natural landscape into the home is literally with a landscape… print that is! I’m currently enjoying photographic styles rolling desert scenes and or bright pops of foliage. 

Wall Panel: Untreated Pine Plywood from

Wall Paint: Dulux Rawene

Floor Paint: Dulux Invercargill

  • Felix Leather Sling Chair, $1099.99
  • Firth Lamp, $399.99
  • California Desert Framed Art, $499.99
  • Crusoe Teak Square Stool, $349.99
  • Rusty Icelandic Animal Hide, $269.99
  • Teak Large floor candle, $319.99
  • Berber Zulu Rug, $2,545
  • Black Teak Bench, $339.99
  • Wooden Candlestick, $54.99
  • High Vibrational Beauty Book, $49.99
  • Latte Mug, $37.99

Styling: Alex Walls, Photography: Sophie Bayly

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