Easter with Miss Polly's Kitchen

A new addition to A&C Homestore, Miss Polly’s Kitchen has created a delicious recipe book that’s now landed instore filled with recipes packed with bold and unique flavours, that have become hugely enticing to make daily.

Meet the personality behind Miss Polly’s Kitchen, Polly Markus as we chat about Easter season and the delicacies that come out during the celebrations including pastries, salads, and plenty of cakes and chocolate.

Miss polly's kitchen cake

1. Your Instagram first appeared on our radar during 2020’s first lockdown which then became something bigger over the years to now an incredible family of 56k followers. Can you tell us a little more about the motive behind Miss Polly’s Kitchen?

It has been a bit of a whirlwind I must admit, I started the page in lockdown to stay connected with the outside world but really, I just thought it would be my family and friends that would follow it. I reignited my love of cooking during that period, it just started as a bit of a hobby and creative distraction from what was going on in the world.

Prior to lockdown I had thought about creating an instagram page for so long to share my food creations however I just never seemed to find time, but over those few months like many, I had ALOT of time and that's basically how it all began. 

Little did I know that 1 year on I would be approached to write a cookbook - a real pinch me moment I must say.

2. On to all things delicious, what would you say your favourite easter delicacies are? We remember last year you made the BEST hot cross bun tiramisu recipe. That was a real crowd pleaser. 

That tiramisu was to die for. For anyone wanting a serious crowd pleaser that isn’t had to make then I highly recommend making this.

I am a sucker for hazelnut chocolate, it's my weakness. My mum often gets me the Guylian easter eggs filled with the hazelnut praliné  chocolate shells, so it's safe to say I will be putting back a few of those this easter.

Also last year I tried the All-Press chocolate flat white eggs and WOW .

Miss Polly's Kitchen Hot Cross Bun Recipe

Find the recipe here.

3. When it comes to celebrating Easter, there’s no denying the pure joy in delicious treats. Did you grow up with an Easter Tradition in your household?

Absolutely, we always had an Easter hunt on the Sunday morning. I remember I’d be so pumped about how much chocolate I had, that I would stash some away for some “midnight snacks” then would forget where they were and find them months later covered in muold….. It was devastating.

My three year old Nephew will be in for an absolute treat this easter (although, I don’t know if my sister will let me give him an excessive amount of chocolate, but we’ll see haha.

4. We’ve been on the hunt to find Auckland’s most enticing Easter Treat. We have tried the Daily Bread hot cross buns and can confirm they are mouth-watering. Do you have any local favourites you like to visit come Easter Time?

I LOVE hot cross buns, one of my favourite morning weekend rituals leading up to Easter is having a coffee and a hot cross bun smothered in butter in bed. Daily bread is always high up my list of favorites, also Ima Cuisine. I can imagine the Fort Greene ones would be good too…. Think I’ll head there this week and try one.

Daily Bread Hot Cross Buns


5. We love the clever takes on classic dishes that you create. What might we find your cooking in the kitchen this Easter?

Easter for me is always filled with lots of cooking and eating with loved ones. 

I love making a big pasta for lunch with a beautiful salad (it's a simple but delicious way to entertain without having to spend hours prepping in the kitchen. Also I might whip up a big side of salmon as it’s always easy and great for sharing with some big salads and a fresh loaf of bread. I think I’ll have to bring back the chocolate hot cross bun tiramisu this year too (would be rude not to... it's that good!) 


Looking for inspiration this Easter? We tried our hand at a salad and dessert from Miss Polly's Kitchen, and they did notttt disappoint. 

Miss Polly's Kitchen Salad



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