Dulux Colour Forecast 2022

The Dulux Colour Forecast 2022 is out and to be honest, the timing couldn't be more perfectWe love how Dulux always takes the time to consider what is going on in our world when creating these forecasts, and this year is no exception.

As we gradually emerge from another difficult year, we look to find a more positive meaning in all that we have endured. There’s still a sense of uncertainty about what the future holds, and for this reason, we crave comfort and reassurance in our homes.

Dulux has done an amazing job as usual transferring our 'new norms' and current way of living into aspirational palettes for home and living.

PAINT Walls & ceiling Narrow Neck Half

A note from Dulux

"Across the country, we have all been affected in different ways, and by spending more time indoors than ever before, we have a newfound appreciation for the importance of good design and choose to surround ourselves with things that
are not just beautiful but enhance our wellbeing and quality of life."

"The Dulux Colour Forecast 2022 comprises three exciting palettes drawn from our Earth’s surroundings that feature rich, earthy tones and natural textures, alongside joyful, summery hues that awaken our zest for life."

Wonder, Restore & Flourish






Dining Room, Dulux Sandpaper 
Bedroom: Walls & trim Dulux Waiau Bay Half
Lounge: Walls & trim Dulux Kenepuru Sound, Chimney breast Gold Vintage Gold Effect, Ceiling Sandfly Point Half


Our Pick


We love the colour palettes put together, and particularly love seeing some really fresh and bright colours that look towards a brighter horizon. But I bet it is no surprise that our favourite is the palette focussed on earth based neutrals and textures- right up our alley.

The Restore palette consists of gentle, earth-based neutrals alongside more rugged, natural tones; buttercream, pumice, deep blue, clay, rich forest green, moss and charcoal-purple.

These colours recede and do not demand attention, however, instead soothe our senses and provide the reassuring backdrop which allows us to readjust to constant change.



Dining 1: Wall Dulux Lauder

Dining 2: Walls & ceiling left Dulux Duvauchelle, wall right Dulux Lauder



Dining: Walls Dulux Ōpononi Quarter, Joinery Dulux Finnegan
Bedroom: Wall Front Millwater, Wall back Peep-O-Day

 Furniture is chunky and comforting, with curves that follow the lines of the body, accessorised with simple handmade and crafted decor pieces in interesting, and
often imperfect, shapes. Detailing throughout is kept to a minimum, with the focus firmly on form and function.

At A&C we are naturally drawn to this palette and application of natural, imperfect and handmade furnishings. We can't wait to be applying it to our new season concepts.

To learn more about Dulux’s 2022 Colour Forecast visit www.dulux.co.nz.

Styling: Bree Leech

Photographer: Lisa Cohen