Dry July Recipe: Booze Free Sangria

Lose the booze, keep the buzz this year with our new flavourful drink infusions that are more than just a placeholder. All the deliciousness, none of the hangover.

Tippl - Booze Free Sangria

You'll Need:

400ml tippl mix with hot water
either 1 x 750ml bottle of non alc pink bubbles or a mix of your favourite soda

Put It Together:

Infuse your tippl jar mixture in hot water, then pour into a pitcher over ice with a refreshing zero proof mixer (750ml) and lightly stir. 

Finishing Touches

Don't forget the finising touches! From round ice cubes and serving trays and coasters, make your mocktail hour feel special with our best of kitchen & dining.


Sphere Ice Mold - Solid Charcoal

A&C Homestore Glassware

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