Christmas at Home

Here at A&C we love getting into the festive spirit as soon as November comes around (cue the bublé!), so with that in mind we've created a Christmas collection that feel merry yet liveable, and won't give you a headache within a week. 

Step One: The Tree  

Faux firs have come a long way, and we love the look of our Scandinavian style trees year after year. For front doors or smaller spaces, our wreaths make a lovely festive touch. 

Christmas Decor Ideas - Christmas Tree

01 Whistler Tree - Medium
02 Lulu Stool - Sage 

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Step Two: The Decorations

This year's A&C Christmas Decorations are beautiful paper pieces to hang, stand, or pile around the home. 

Christmas Decor

01 Capri Stone Coffee Table 
02 Jasper Scribble Wreath 
03 Standing Paper Christmas Tree - Honey

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01 Hanging Paper Christmas Teardrop, Set of 4 - Vintage
02 Hanging Paper Christmas Ball, Set of 4 - Sage 
03 Hanging Paper Christmas Tree, Set of 4 - Honey

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Step Three: The Lights

A festive home is allll about the twinkle. With our charge & go seed lights and garlands, you can lift up every space this Christmas. 

Christmas Lights and Decorations

01 Charge & Go Seed Lights - 3m
02 Starburst Garland 

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Step Five: The Stockings

Santa will appreciate your cool bouclé and velvet Christmas stockings, and so will you as they hang proudly on your mantlepiece over the next wee while.

Christmas Stockings

01 Boucle Christmas Stocking - Ivory
02 Velvet Christmas Stocking - Caramel
03 Velvet Christmas Stocking - Sage

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& Don't Forget The Scent

Our tasty cinnamon & orange Silent Night Advent Candle is a wonderful way to build excitement for the big day. Make a ritual of lighting it as a family each night and tick off the days down to the 25th. 

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01 A&C Silent Night Advent Candle

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