Caring For Your Knitwear

Cooler days are on the horizon and you know what that means… It's Knitweeeear time....  We’re embracing the cooler weather by wrapping up in our latest A&C Knitwear. Crafted from merino, cashmere and cotton, our knitwear range was inspired by the beauty of natural fibres, for their luxury and kindness to the planet.

Here is a handy guide to look after your knitwear… think of it as self care (for your knitwear)

It is not recommended to wash your knitwear after every wear. Whenever possible, choose to air your garment over washing it. Air inside or outside in the shade by laying over something flat.

To wash, gently remove any pilling first with a knitwear comb. Use cold water and a mild wool detergent. Dissolve detergent thoroughly before immersing your garment. Turn the garment inside out & gently hand wash for a few minutes only.

Gently rinse in cold water until all water is clear of suds. Press the water out with a gentle squeeze, take care not to wring, rub or twist your garment.

To dry
Lay flat on a clean towel and gently roll to remove any excess water. Dry flat, naturally away from direct heat or sunlight. Do not tumble dry. Cool iron or lightly steam if necessary on reverse to eliminate any wrinkles.

Fold, dont hang.
To ensure your knitwear keeps its shape, avoid hanging. Store folded in a drawer or a linen bag to maintain its shape.

After wearing your new garment for the first few times, you may find small balls of fibre forming on the surface. These balls are caused by loose fibre tangling together and rubbing during wear. The appearance of pilling is not an indication of low quality, it is caused by friction and can be easily removed with a cashmere comb. It is normal for cashmere to pill due to the natural fibres. Pilling is not considered a fault.

Top Tip
When wearing your knitwear be aware of anything that may catch or rub on your garment, such as handbag straps, jewellery & nails.

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