At Home With Margot

Our lovely Marketing Co-Ordinator Margot invited us into her sun filled Inner City Apartment and although she lives overlooking the busy Ponsonby Road, inside is a peaceful, minimal oasis from the hustle and bustle.

We loved Margot’s home and how she mixed her vintage furniture with purposeful design pieces to create a warm and calming space.

At Home With Margot Phillips - A&C Homestore

Tell us a little about you and your home and the people who live with you? 

I live in a two bedroom studio apartment in Ponsonby. We saw it on the market a year ago and jumped at the opportunity to live in the sun-filled retro studio. It has a little balcony that overlooks Ponsonby’s busy road. We like to host friends while we cook dinner and drink wine on the balcony.

At Home with Margot Phillips - A&C Homestore

What’s the last thing you brought for your home?

An Akari rice lamp, imported from Japan. It has a warm glow of light that casts through handmade paper on a bamboo frame. It’s become an evening ritual to turn it on and enjoy the soft glow with a cup of tea while I wind-down before bed.

At Home with Margot Phillips - A&C Homestore

How would you describe your design style?

I like to keep minimal with a love for mid-century and Japanese styles. For me, less is more. I find peace in surrounding myself with a select few furniture and decor pieces. I’m a bit of a homebody, and I love coming home to a space that is calm and warm and inviting.

I love delving into the world of design, especially when I stumble upon ordinary, practical items that are an integral part of our daily lives. Take, for instance, a coffee maker— a seemingly simple appliance that can be transformed into an innovative and exquisitely crafted version, such as the Alessi Pulcina Espresso Coffee Maker. While it remains functional, it also doubles as a striking display piece. Such items have the power to elevate our everyday experiences. I always feel an appreciation for my coffee ritual every morning. It sets the tone for a good day ahead.

At Home with Margot Phillips - A&C Homestore
At Home With Margot Phillips - A&C Homestore

Any advice for creating a home you love?

Creating a home you love is a personal and transformative process, and using simple pieces to form special moments can be a powerful approach.

Personally, I embrace minimalism through selecting meaningful pieces, and curate with intention. Rather than filling space with random items, curate a collection of simple pieces that complement each other. Consider the visual harmony, balance, and cohesion of the objects in a room. Each piece should have a purpose and contribute to the overall aesthetic you desire.

At Home with Margot Phillips - A&C Homestore
Arnold Stool - At Home with Margot Phillips A&C Homestore

Fill the blanks:

Proudest DIY:

I'm not realllly the artsy DIY type, to be honest. My work revolves around digital production. That's probably why I landed the role of Digital Marketing Coordinator! But I do enjoy taking the lead and organizing shoots in our studio. I love putting products together and bringing a shoot to life. It's always a satisfying feeling. 

The coolest place you’ve been to:

Sicily. It was a dream to visit since I was just a kid and I was lucky enough to spend two weeks there a few years back. The people, the culture, the beautiful buildings, and pebble beaches – it’s a lifestyle I fell in love with at first sight.

Best cup of coffee/tea is at:

Daily Bread, a forever favourite. Also my local, Five Loaves. They do a great Oat Flatty.

Your go-to local eatery:

Daily Bread again. You can catch me spending way too much money there any day. Also, Beau for their truffle fries and roast cauliflower salad. They have a great pet nat selection too. 

Favourite interior account to follow:

I love to follow Frama, a multidisciplinary design brand creating lifestyle objects that inspire the senses and encourage mindful living.

I also draw inspiration from Ark Journal - Scandinavian magazine of interiors, design, architecture and art. I love reading their journal, and flicking through pages of beautiful spaces filled with stone floors, clay textures, and modern, mid-century furniture.

If you could bring back a fashion or home trend what would it be:

Steel Finishings. I love it seen on taps, handles and other kitchen and bathroom hardware. I dream of having a metal, upholstered mid-century chair in my living room. I have a real thing for chairs. On my Wishlist is the Frama Richard Chair, designed by Kim Richardt.