At Home With Eilisha

Our Area Manager Eilisha invited us into her home on a sunny morning. Step into her recently renovated, light filled home.

Tell us a little about you and your home and the people who live with you?

I’m Eilisha, the Area Manager of A&C Homestore. New addition to the team have been there for about 4 months.

I also run my own fashion label Eilisha The Label which officially launched late 2022 where I design and manufacture womenswear for the fashion lovers. My background has been over 10+ years in retail and a passion of mine has always been to make garments that are hard to find in New Zealand and sell smaller unique collections that stay in your wardrobe forever. 

My husband & I renovated our home early 2022 as a little project to sell but ended up loving it and haven’t left since. We live with our little doggo Cleo & 2 flatmates who have joined us in our place early this year.

At Home With Eilisha

What’s the last thing you brought for your home?

Ripple Pedestal Bowl, we have quite a clean style and its complimented our dining table perfectly. Not only does it look cute, it fits so much in it.

At Home With Eilisha - A&C Homestore

How would you describe your design style?

Ooh, modern & clean. I like adding in colour with things like vases, flowers or books and keeping my basics very modern. 

At Home With Eilisha - A&C Homestore

At Home With Eilisha - A&C Homestore

Any advice for creating a home you love?

Have fun, play around with little ornaments. Invest in those key items you can keep forever like a couch & dining table etc. Oh and art! I feel like our house wouldn’t be the same without the artwork we have placed around.

At Home With Eilisha - A&C Homestore

At Home With Eilisha - A&C Homestore

Fill the blanks:

The coolest place you’ve been to: Bali, it is so fun and vibrant.

Best cup of coffee/tea is at: Kinship coffee in Takapuna, best iced coffees ever.

Your go-to local eatery: Currently standing room in Birkenhead, I swear I have a sundried tomato scone every time I’m in the office. Addictive.

Favourite interior account to follow: McMullin & Co – currently just obsessed with everything.

If you could bring back a fashion or home trend what would it be: Fashion always comes back around full circle, but I am currently loving cropped jackets. Currently designing the cutest lemon cropped jacket for summer ;)