A (Final) Note from Alex

Hello, my beloved friends of A&C Homestore. It’s me, Alex!

This is a note I never expected to be writing when I first started this business in 2015. Although, when I look back on the last seven years I can say with certainty that ‘the unexpected’ has been a consistent storyline for me and what A&C Homestore has become today. So, why stop now? 

A&C was born when I set out to apply my experience in retail and customer service with a new found passion for all things home and interiors – resulting in our first online store, Alex & Corban Home. Throughout the proceeding years we had surprise opportunities to launch and then expand our retail stores throughout Auckland, and even across the strait to Christchurch. 

Our vision was to always create and curate ranges of inspiring product, content and styling advice for you to be excited about applying in your own homes. Whether it be a simple change of cushions on your sofa, or a full bedding set-up, I have loved every moment of creating our A&C offering for all households and budgets. To this day, I still jump for joy when people find something they love in one of our stores! 

Alongside working my dream job, during this time I also embarked on a more personal project… starting my own little family, creating the lovely little humans Austen and Goldie. 

Over the years I’ve had times where I’ve been able to be at home with them while the A&C family confidently steer the ship, but in more recent years I found myself having to drop ‘home life’ more and more as I’ve tried to keep up with the demand of the brand’s growth.

When starting the business I had always wanted to ensure it would work harmoniously alongside having a healthy and happy family, and although I have eagerly developed this brand and loved watching it grow (just like a first born child!), I have now recognised the A&C Homestore brand and it’s talented team have outgrown my capacity to be both business owner, and Mum. 

The A&C Homestore that exists today is truly it’s own independent business, run by some very capable and strong women who have helped shape what the brand is today. Behind the scenes, all the styling, product, and day to day operation is managed by a large family of people who make up the business.

Now feels like the right time for me to leave the next A&C chapter in their capable hands, under the guidance of the fabulous new owners, Abbe and Kerry, who I’ve been working closely with, and will continue to for the time being, to ensure a seamless and successful transition. 

Thank you to every customer who has shopped with us, sent us lovely feedback, attended our events, said hello while I’ve been in store, or joined us in conversation on social media over these past seven years.

I will still be very much part of this amazing community, just in a slightly different capacity — I’m looking forward to experiencing A&C now purely as a customer and I’m sure you’ll spot me frequently in store!

A Final Note from Alex Walls