10 Trees - Our Linen Initiative

Our A&C Linen Bedding range is a huge part of our brand, and as such, we have been looking into how we can make our linen a more sustainable output. From June 2022 we are setting a new standard for ourselves, making the decision to offset the environmental impact of producing our linen through tree planting. In collaboration with our partner Trees For the Future®, we are committing to: 

Planting up to ten trees for every linen purchase

Trees For the Future®
works in Sub-Sahara African communities that have been affected by deforestation and land degradation. Here they provide local farmers with tools, seeds and training in sustainable land use, so that they can plant trees themselves – breaking the cycles of generational poverty and rebuilding food systems from the ground up for a healthier planet.

Trees For The Future

Why Trees? They provide the very stuff of life. Transforming the air we breathe and restoring balance to barren landscapes. 

Unsustainable land use is at the root of our most pressing challenges. What we do now will make all the difference for people and the planet and we must work together to make lasting change happen.

Trees For The Future

The solution to the climate crisis is right under our feet. Healthy soils and rich plant life naturally capture the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide in plant leaves, roots and within the soil.

With each linen duvet purchased, you are receiving a beautiful, natural product as well as giving back to the earth, and providing tools & education where it’s needed.

Read more about our commitment here.