DIY Painted Plant Pots


A great way to add colour and life to a living space is to add indoor planting. It’s obviously not a new concept, but I’m always amazed by how a lush green leaf can completely lift the feel of a room. 

The challenge for me is finding the right styled pots or baskets to put the plant in that works with the theme of the room.
So this week I took it upon myself to make my own pot for my tribal themed bedroom.
This is a very simple concept that I know has been done a lot in the past, but it’s a goody! Here’s what I did.
I came across this $10 terracotta pot at The Warehouse which was the perfect shape and size for my plant at home, but just not the right colours.
Being a terracotta pot, this material is very porous and needs a good primer paint to prep the surface so the paint will hold. I used Dulux Precision Stain Blocker spraypaint which is good for porous materials. Allowing drying time between coats is imperative (about 1 to 1.5 hours), that’s because it’s an enamel paint.
As this pot is being used inside I didn’t have to worry about it facing different weather conditions, so I applied 2 coats of Dulux Aquanamel paint in Vivid White. If you were to put the plant outside, I would suggest using a paint suitable for outdoors like an exterior paint.
Then to work with the tribal theme I hand painted this very simple stripe pattern around the top of the pot with Dulux Piha colour.
You could apply any pattern you want and in any colours you want that work with your interior.

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Love this DIY idea!

Nancy March 06, 2017

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