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Why we love linen

This is where we get all soppy and heart emoji eyed over the beautiful thing that is linen.

Even before we made the decision to create our own range, our hearts were taken by the simple and natural beauty that this fabric brings to sleeping spaces. And now that we know the fabric intimately through the creation and ongoing development of our A&C Linen offering, we’re on a mission to let everyone know just why this easy bedroom update is a must do for spring.

After all, we’ve all heard the statistics that sum up exactly how much time we spend in bed. And it’s true what they say, our sleep time is a huge part of life and so it should be savoured and celebrated with a luxurious bed setting.

Let’s just start a little list of the many benefits of sleeping in linen.

It’s all natural
Linen is made from natural fibres, found in flax plants. This is important because first and foremost, it’s environmentally friendly. Linen is a renewable source and is fully biodegradable.

It breathes
Especially important during the warmer months, linen has a high permeability and breathability. Meaning that while it’s keeping you warm, it’s also keeping you cool, allowing air to circulate easily and provide ventilation for a healthy and comfortable sleeping environment.

It looks good
A bed made up in linen has a soft, sumptuous look that creates a relaxed, inviting bedroom space. By nature, it’s meant to look a little dishevelled and imperfect, which adds to its natural charm – and saves time making the bed each morning!

It’s low maintenance
Like most natural fibres, linen actually repels dirt. By the time it comes to washing day, it’s already done half the job for you. It’s also more durable and long-lasting than cotton, so it’s a reliable, long-term investment.

It feels good
Because of its permeability, linen can absorb a lot of moisture without feeling damp. So it always feels fresh and clean when climbing into bed. Even beyond clean sheet day!

Need more reasons? Check out the great range of colours we have as part of our freshly re-stocked A&C Linen range and have fun creating your own luxurious sleeping environment with linen.