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Who run the world?

International Women’s Day...

Where do we even start listing the reason’s why we should celebrate women? We really do kick ass! 
There is a huge movement around the world at the moment where woman are standing up and showing what we are really worth and today I wanted to introduce you to some ladies who are very dear to me, and who have personally shown me truly what it means to be a strong woman in this day and age.

The most important thing I want you to note about these woman, is that none of them are celebrities, prime ministers, aid workers or Mother Theresa... the truth is they are all everyday woman who face the same daily battles, highs and lows, illnesses and workloads that we all face. And the thing I love about each one of these gals is their ability to let their attitudes pave their paths of their own futures, learn from mistakes and let all trials and tribulations become their strengths!

Have a read, be inspired, and Happy International Women’s Day!

Alex xx


Gemma McRoberts
Product Designer & Business Owner

What’s been your biggest life lesson to date?
A lesson I’m currently learning is to recognise what success looks and feels like to me. Where that is steering me to go with ORE and how that will develop my brands ethos further this year has me really excited. As a creative person, I'm learning that maybe the feeling of success is not something I will ever get from my work alone and that more than anything it is important to me to create a conscious brand with a strong ethos working to better my community and environment. 

Best advice given to you by your Mum and/or other female mentor?
The best advice I’ve had from my mother hasn’t come verbally but more from watching her and how she carries herself. Throughout my life I’ve watched her be unapologetically true to herself and what she believes to be right, she is incredibly independent and intelligent, always looking for more information and experiences to expand her knowledge. Being raised by such a strong woman has given me no other option than to learn from her and be the same way with her as a mentor. 

What does it mean to you to be a woman in 2018?
There are so many inspiring women in New Zealand starting up new initiatives, being entrepreneurs, entering parliament, becoming new mums and so on. It is exciting to see so many amazing women around us inspiring others to follow their passions as well as lead the way for the next generation of boys and girls.

Best bits about being a girl?
We’ve come a long way baby!! 


Hannah Souter
Graphic Designer

What’s been your biggest life lesson to date?
There is no right or wrong way to do life. I think when you are younger there are pressures placed on you of how things are going to play out and in what order. But the older you get the more you realise life has a funny way of working it’s way out. Sometimes you have to let go of preconceptions because everything happens for a reason. Stay present and enjoy it!

Best advice given to you by your Mum and/or other female mentor?My Mum is my (and many others) biggest mentor, she has always told me “everything in moderation”. I am a firm believer in this and try to apply it in all aspects of my life. If I’m half the women she is I will be one happy little lady!

What does it mean to you to be a woman in 2018?
It is a pretty empowering time to be a women. I feel privileged to be surrounded by such inspiring women, both in my work and personal life. I share a studio with a bunch of creative girl bosses who are doing amazing things - taking risks, inspiring each other, learning from each other and being each others biggest fans! This also extends to my family and friends who all also seem to working for themselves starting businesses - pushing boundaries, throw some kids in the mix and they're still nailing it - it’s great to see it’s no longer just a man's world, girls can do anything!

Best bits about being a girl?
I think the best thing about being a girl is the bonds we create - whether it be with your mum, your peers, your friends or your family. There is nothing better than sitting down with ya best gals pals, wine in hand, chewing the fat and having a laugh (or a cry). I couldn’t do life without any of them.


Mary Rose
Childcare Business Owner & Fairy Godmother to Many

What's been your biggest life lesson to date?

Life is a continual lesson – so in a way I’ve possibly benefited by encountering some significant ones that have impacted me, relatively early on in my adult life. The majority of these lessons have come in the form of personal losses. At the age of 30 I lost my long time and closest friend. A few years later two of my best friend's daughters were diagnosed with cancer – one of those, Anna, dying at just 17. At 39 my mother suffered a major brain haemorrhage and was largely incapacitated for 10 years before she too passed away. The impact these losses have had on me, and the people I love, have been life changing. I truly value the people in my life and my friendships.  It has made me look at the actions and values I fill my days with and to strive to make those, ones of empathy, kindness and generosity. We come into the world with nothing and we leave only with what we have filled our hearts and memories with - nothing else.  We will never be remembered for our ‘stuff’, but we will be remembered for how we made people feel.

What did you do to help you overcome life’s disappointments, and how did you use it to become a stronger woman?
Without doubt my biggest disappointment in life has been my inability to have children. This impacted me seriously for a number of years. Along with the loss of my best friend in my early 30’s, it led me to a serious episode of depression. I liken it to navigating a mountain blindfolded in the dark - never knowing where that edge was. However that life-lesson has taught me to be resilient and compassionate.  To know that even from life’s toughest lessons, there is always a way through and up – especially with faith and perseverance. Holding onto ‘regrets’ and ‘what ifs’ serves no purpose.  Later in life I have been blessed with five wonderful nephews and nieces whom I adore. I’m lucky to play a significant role in their lives.

Best advice given to you by a female mentor? 
I have been blessed by knowing a handful of extraordinary women throughout my life, past and present, who always inspire and challenge me.  I have learnt from them all:- the courage to take risks, wisdom to be humble, courage to walk with faith and integrity in my daily life.  Never to compromise your values and philosophy to appeal to the masses, especially true in my business.

What would you like to see happen for women in 2018?  
These are exciting and empowering times for women, opportunities and abilities to influence are endless. We are surrounded by innovative women who are carving incredible lifestyles & careers doing what they are passionate about. I believe one of our biggest responsibilities as women is to our young people. There is massive pressure on them to conform to peer pressure & unrealistic influences enforced through social media.We need to mentor them to build their own identities and to find their own 'true north'. "The meaning of life is to find your gift - the purpose in life is to give it away," - William Shakespeare.

Best bits about being a girl?
Oh there is so much fun to be had with the girls! Be it long chats over a vino, a coffee or sharing meals. Book Clubs, Art Clubs… Whenever you get together with women there is always laughter, stories and valuable life lessons. Then of course there are the shoes…!


Liv Harper
Interior Architect, Business Owner + Mum


What's been your biggest life lesson to date?
Mental and emotional health is just as important as physical health (if not more important).

How do you balance being a mother and a professional?
This definitely took me a while to figure out, and to be honest I still don’t think I have it all sorted! But, ultimately more balance came when I learned to ask for, and accept, help. It really does take a village to raise a child, and it really does take a team to run a company. When I first became a mother with my son, I felt pressure on both sides to be perfect at the balancing act straight away; of being a present and available mother, and also the business woman I had always been, as if nothing had changed. Don’t let your kids interfere with your career, they said! What I realised over time was, I wasn’t a failure for putting my children in daycare, and I wasn’t ruining my career by having beautiful children. It has made me much more efficient at work, with clearer goals so I can spend more time with my kids. I have learned to be more organised, to communicate my schedule and expectations more clearly to my husband & business partner, and ultimately realise that I won’t get it right all of the time - but that most of the time is enough.

Best advice given to you by your Mum and/or other female mentor?
I don’t know if this is the best advice I have ever received, but it has definitely been significant in how I live my life. My Mum is a firm believer in, and taught me ‘He who hesitates is lost’. She is a risk taker, a go getter and a very hard worker so naturally, I took this on board and it has definitely shaped many significant decisions I have made in my life. Starting our business was such a risk, and I just threw myself into it... the rest is history. As a business owner, you need to be bold and put yourself out there - this mantra is always at the back of my mind.

What does it mean to you to be a woman in 2018 / What would you like to see happen for women in 2018? 
To me, being a woman in 2018 is about feeling empowered by my ability to have strength and compassion at the same time. It’s so cool to interact with many different kinds of people on a daily basis and I’ve learned throughout my life that women have an innate adaptability and intuition to read a situation and apply strength or compassion, or both. I trust this in myself more than ever - and it’s something I would love for more women to recognise in themselves. I would love to see women become more connected in 2018, have more generosity of spirit and championing each others success.

Best bits about being a girl?
As Constance Hall would say ‘The Queens': girlfriends, wine, chats, laughter, tears, all the emotions, sharing clothes, getting dressed up, girls night out, buying something that your husband thinks is completely ridiculous and high fiving with your gf because she completely gets it!

Nic Winslade
Brand Strategist + Blogger

What's been your biggest life lesson to date?
That happiness follows the grateful.  

What did you do to help you overcome life’s disappointments, and how did you use it to become a stronger woman?
In my 20s I was diagnosed with a genetic eye condition called Stargardt’s that is causing slow deterioration of my central vision. I grieved my diagnosis, there has to be a time for grieving unexpected and unwanted change, but when it came to trying to live my life again, that’s when I needed help. So I sought a counsellor who provided pragmatic tools for self help to deal with my fears and beliefs  which were getting in the way of adapting to my new life. Through this I learned that every negative comparison, ‘woe is me’, ‘it’s not fair’ thought i had, was not only self-fulfilling, it was indulgently addictive. So i had to choose truths that actually worked for me. Ones that were just positive ways of looking at the same coin. Such as, rather than believe i will be less of a mother if i couldn’t drive, i decided to believe that i would be a fantastic mother who walks and takes the time with her kid. I’m in no way bullet proof, but i’m honestly happier and more content than i was before learning about my eyes.

Best advice given to you by your Mum and/or other female mentor
Follow your heart, and enjoy - my mama. 

What does it mean to you to be a woman in 2018 /  What would you like to see happen for women in 2018? 
I reckon that societal pressures are evident in the pressures we place on ourselves as women. I feel the pressure to be a full time mum and full time entrepreneur. To be successful and independent. To run a household. To build quality relationships with everyone from my kid, hisband, family, friends, and then there’s social media thrown in the mix too. To be attractive and well dressed. To be social, active, and socially active. Chasing dreams, and toddlers. Aaaaaaaand be a nice person. Not impossible for us females. I reckon we’ve proven that we can do anything and everything already. We’ve earned our stripes. Now I hope we use that power to make it work better in our favour so we’re not spread so thin. The power to not do it all, and be everything to just a few special people, and to be more authentic and more present along the way. 

Best bits about being a girl?
Hands down, being a mum. Getting to spend so much time with someone I love and find hilarious.