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The Plastic-Free Grocery Kit


One of the easiest and most gratifying places to start reducing waste in your home is with the grocery run. Start building your plastic-free grocery kit with our Thoughtfully Collection. It doesn’t need to be complicated: investing in a few key items and approaching your buying with a little more thought can do a whole lot of good!

step 1: fill it.

Rather than filling your pantry with big boxes, plastic packets and bulky containers, decant your goods into beautiful jars and vessels. This is a great way to avoid food wastage, as your more organised cupboards will be easier to navigate and see-through storage will help you clearly see what you’ve got to use in your pantry or fridge. Better yet, cut out the middle-man (and all that pointless packaging) altogether by buying your staples straight from a bulk food store… You can take your vessels along with you and fill them up as you go!


Some of our favourite local spots to shop in bulk:

  • Source Foods, Milford & Kumeu
  • GoodFor Refillery Takapuna, Ponsonby & Parnell (plus there’s a new location opening soon in Mt Eden just around the corner from our Bloc store!)
  • Bin Inn, New Zealand wide


step 2: store it.

Admit it… we’ve all been that person who has dutifully brought their reusable bags to the supermarket but then proceeded to place our fruit and veges in individual plastic bags. Doh! Sometimes it’s the less obvious habits that can be hard to kick. And pre-packaged servings of things like green beans and brussel sprouts don’t help! That’s where our produce bags come in. They’re perfect for collecting goods in, as well as keeping things organised in the fridge.


step 3: carry it.

Reusable bags are slowly but surely becoming the norm, which is incredible! Make sure you invest in good quality, hard-wearing, and heavy-lifting bags that will last, so that your reusable bags don’t become just another thing that needs to be constantly replaced. Though they mean serious business, you should choose bags you’ll have fun carrying and will look forward to using!