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The Outdoor Lounge Reveal

Styling by: Alex Walls

Photos: Bayly & Moore





After a long winter being pregnant and spending the last few months of the year getting used to having a baby in hand; I have been craving the up and coming summer and the opportunity of being outside with a cocktail in hand soaking up a sneaky bit of vitamin D.

We love our NZ summer days spent lounging outside with family and friends whether it’s day time lounging or evening dining it’s important to have a dedicated space for these occasions.

Our friends at Mondays Wholefoods have a perfect little outdoor nook with green ivy walls and a semi covered pergola that allowed us to dream up our ideal outdoor lounge setting for this months room reveal.

With outdoor lounges, you can pretty much treat it the same as an indoor lounge in terms of layout and design, you just need to choose items that are made to withstand an outdoor environment.

Like an indoor lounge, I like to use rugs to frame a space communicating the boundaries and use of the ‘room’. I’ve used an outdoor rug here that can be left outside rain or shine. Then centrally placing one of my favourite pieces of furniture, the cane hanging bowl chair. This is the seat that everyone fights over, offering comfort and relaxation to curl up and read a book out of the sun.

Mondays have built their own movable loungers from Vitex hardwood which is typically used for decking but has a lovely colour that fades nicely. Add your favourite cushions and throws to create a relaxed feel, and just have a basket or box you can pop them in at the end of the day.