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The Cosy Green Bedroom Reveal

Photography: Bayly & Moore

Styling: Alex Walls

My favourite season of the year is Winter for a number of reasons, but especially because fashion and interiors are always so much better with layers of cosy knits and texture.

I just love to hop into bed in the middle of winter with my linen sheets and layers of blankets pulled and tucked up under my chin, propped up on a feather filled pillow and knowing that I can spend a good eight hours resting in this heavenly layer of luxury (if the baby permits).

With this bedroom I have finally had the chance to use my favourite Winter colour Dulux Mt Messenger, a dark and sensuous green grounded by Dulux Piha on the floors which is a near black. This colour palette creates a mysterious setting and has allowed me to use a contrasting tone of terracotta on the bed that is surprisingly balancing.

As always I like to use textures and layers to create depth in the styling rather than bold patterns and colours. I think that texture is a great way to establishing a soft and warm feeling within a space, which is just what you want in your Winter seasoned bedroom.


Ways to achieve a ‘cosy’ feeling in your bedroom:

  • Animal Hides

You can’t beat a layer of fur or faux fur for perfect snuggle factor, whether it is a cushion or blanket/throw

  • Chunky Knit layers

Add a cosy loose knit blanket layer to the end of your bed to snuggle up under when you just want a quick afternoon nap.

  • Wool under-foot

There’s nothing worse than hopping out of bed in the morning and your bare feet hit a freezing cold floor. Solve this issue by adding a woollen looped rug under your bed, and not to mention it makes the room look a lot warmer than a naked floor.

  • ‘Down feather’ inners

Down is the light fluffy coating found beneath the feathers of ducks and geese. Being finer than actual feathers, down is able to generate better insulation and warmth by trapping thousands of tiny pockets of air within their filaments that creates the insulation. The more ‘down feathers’ a duvet or pillow has, the warmer it will be.

  • Ambient Lighting

Obviously you do need task lights to see what you are doing in a room like this, so don’t strip out your lights completely! But it is vital to have a pendant light on a dimmer, or bedside light or floor lamp that you can switch on instead of your main lights to create an ambient cosiness in this dark bedroom.




Dulux Mt Messenger (wall colour)

Dulux Piha (Floor colour)

Natural Linen Euro, $39.99 from Alex and Corban

Black Tibetan Cushion, $169.99 from Alex and Corban

Green Quilt Ring Cushion, $149.99 from Alex and Corban

Stripe Linen Flat Sheet, from $159.99 from Alex and Corban

Black Applique Quilt, $250 from Alex and Corban

Terracotta Egyptian Cotton Duvet, from $189.99 from Alex and Corban

Terracotta Egyptian Cotton Pillowcases, $69.99 from Alex and Corban

William Wool Hat, $119.99 from Alex and Corban

Black Empire Chandelier, $399.99 from Alex and Corban

Gus Black Bench, $1229 from Alex and Corban

Caramel Tibetan Hide, $229.99 from Alex and Corban           

Fold Bedside Shelf Black, $99.99 from Alex and Corban

Fold Clock White, $54.99 from Alex and Corban

Black Mug, $16.99 from Alex and Corban

Assorted Books, from Alex and Corban

Shoes- Alex’s own