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Summer Entertaining: Aperol Spritz

The Italians had the right idea when they created the ritual of the 'apertivo' - the pre-dinner drink designed to 'open your stomach' and get your digestive juices flowing so you can fully enjoy your upcoming meal. It's a moment to be enjoyed and savoured... and in the long hot afternoons of late summer we're currently enjoying, that's a concept we can definitely get on board with!

Here's a recipe for a quintessential Italian apertif, the Aperol Spritz, so you can enjoy cocktail hour just as they do in Italy.


  • 60ml of Aperol
  • 90ml of Prosecco
  • Soda Water
  • Ice 
  • Orange slice or wedge to garnish
  • Mint to garnish (optional)

Start by adding 60ml of Aperol to your chosen tumbler or wine glass - we used the Coast Latte Cup for our rustic look and the Smoke Red Wine Glass for our sophisticated look. Then, add around 90ml of prosecco and follow with a dash of soda. Top with ice, gently stir, then garnish with a slice of orange and a spring of mint (we also used fresh thyme here and it worked a treat!

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