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Styling with: Spring Textures

You may have noticed with my styling of room reveals, I have a bit of a soft spot for texture.

I love the instant and effortless effect of layering textures to add detail and depth to your space. Think natural woven textiles, fringe detailing, heavy gauge knits and fur.

The key to this layered look is mixing the hard with the soft, the smooth with rough and the lightweight with the heavy to create a visually interesting room that always feels warm and cosy – it may be the first week of Spring, but we all know there’s plenty of chilly nights still ahead! For the quickest way to give your space a Spring refresh, try incorporating these textural elements into your home… 

Alex & Corban Animal Hides

RUG up
The best thing about texture, and almost as important as how it looks, is how it FEELS. And nowhere else is this as obvious as with the flooring under your feet. You might have heard the term ‘visual weight’ before, which roughly describes how you might create a focal point to draw the eye using composition of things like colour and texture. In this way, the perfect rug can really bring a room together, by creating a foundation focal point that grounds the rest of your room’s elements. Remember this word when choosing your rug: contrast. Smooth, wooden flooring or shiny, modern furniture can reflect a lot of light and has a cooling effect. So, try adding in a soft, raised rug that absorbs light and gives off a sense of warmth and give your room balance – especially important in living areas and bedrooms!

Pictured: Reindeer Hide (left), Tibetan Lambs Wool Hide (right)

Alex & Corban Wayfarer Cushion
CUSHION = comfort
Probably the quickest and most affordable way to change up your space is with cushions. They’re low cost, so you can change them as frequently as you like – plus, not only are they an effective visual tool, they make you sitting spots so much more comfortable and inviting. Use them to add colour without the need to commit long term to it, or if using a neutral colour palette, what you need to make things a little more interesting is TEXTURE. Mix up the fabrics and detailing – I love the hand feel of fur, soft velvets and natural textiles like cotton and wool. Consider having a different set of cushions on rotation for different seasons – so you get to bring a fresh look to your home every few months.

Pictured: Wayfarer Cushion (left), Animal Hide Cushion (back), Animal Hide Cushion (centre), Kendall Oblong Cushion (right), Animal Hide Cushion (bottom)

Alex & Corban Throws
Go with the THROW
If they key to styling with texture is layering, then the essential finishing touch is a THROW… or two. Often one of the last elements considered in styling a room, the throw is actually a very important addition – it’s the thing that says, ‘hey you! come and sit down, relax’. Draped, folded or literally thrown across your furniture, the perfect throw also provides the added practicalities of keeping your warm on a chilly night or protecting precious furniture from little hands and paws. My favourite throws are heavy gauge, chunky knits or fluffy mohair pieces with naturally beautiful imperfections.  And when I say layer… I mean really layer. Use multiple throws in different colours and textures to add depth.

Pictured: Knitted Cotton Throw - Yellow (top), Mohair Fringe Throw (bottom)

Alex & Corban Snowy Horse Print

Texture is created not only in the tactile features of a room that you can touch and feel physically, but also in the perceived texture of surfaces, or visual texture. Visual texture can be effortlessly added to a room with art.  Because while the surface of a framed print might be smooth to touch, the rich, textural images often featured in photographic prints and paintings can gives a sense of depth with their clever use of contrast and shadow. Taking this styling trick one step further, a canvas print gives you the best of both worlds, with a matte finish that’s visually engaging.

Pictured: Snowy Horses Print (available in store)