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Our Top 5 Favourite Dining Essentials

To accompany our Botanical Dining Room Reveal we thought you might be interested in our top 5 essential items that we use over and over when entertaining!


At every dinner table we bring out our favourite Menu Salt and Pepper Grinders.

There beautiful design and unique way of grinding always has people interested in how they work, not to mention that they look flippin' cool on the table.

2. Cloth Napkins

An easy way to make each setting feel personalised and top quality is by adding a lovely Cloth Napkin. For people to lay on their laps, tuck in their collar (if you're old fashioned) or dab away the red wine on their upper lips! Everyone needs one.

3. A Wine Breather or Decanter

A sophisticated way to serving wine. It also is functional! Allowing the wine to breathe before serving.

 4. Fancy & Special Occasion Cutlery

My mother always had a set of cutlery that came out for special occasions! I love this idea and have adopted it into our own entertaining of guests. This way it doesn't get over used and is always nice and clean and presentable.

I personally love this set of Black Titanium Cutlery

5. A large serving board or platter

It doesn't matter the sort of meal you prepare, there is always room for presentation. I love the idea of presenting food on a large board or platter, and allow people to serve themselves.

Set in the centre of the table, a serving board or platter needs to be attractive and large enough to accomodate any type of food.