Our Cosy Christmas

I love Christmas! I always have. I remember when I was younger we got to the first week of October and I would start planning how I was going to decorate my bedroom for Christmas. Things haven’t really changed with my eagerness, but this year I am faced with a bit of a dilemma around space! We are currently living in a small unit which doesn’t allow for a large Christmas tree set up, so I have found a few alternative and fun ways to get the festive spirit tastefully swept into your living space without taking up too much room.

With a nice dark grey wall of Dulux Rawene it has made for a gorgeous backdrop to simply display my festive decorations on the wall. Using a fake cedar garland (I love that these Garlands can be used all year round too), I have hung the decorations you would normally have on the tree on the garland instead. It’s a gorgeous and simple display that could work not only in a lounge but even in an entry way or in the dining room.

To get the Christmas tree fix, we have this gorgeous mini Christmas tree that sits perfectly on the console, and would look equally cute on a coffee table or entertainment unit in your living room. Super easy to decorate with a bell garland or a few small baubles and fairy lights.

We also have the option of a wooden Christmas tree, if you are less inclined to follow traditional Christmas decorations

Then of course, colour co-ordination. I matched our DIY santa sacks with the cushions on the sofa to make for a nice cohesive colour story. The DIY santa sacks are simply pillowcases stuffed with goodies and tied up with rope and woollen pom poms. Super easy way to get the colours right within your chosen Christmas colour scheme.

Well this is a sneak peak of what our Christmas will look like, Austen is getting a lot bigger now and ready to tear those presents open! From our family to yours, we wish you all a very Merry Christmas.

Styling: Alex Walls, Photography: Sophia Bayly