Island Bay House: Here she is!

Last year we shared the beginning one of our biggest projects ever with you... our home build journey at Island Bay House. Well, guess what?! We're all moved in and ready to show you around. And we've got some great tips and tricks that might help others starting out on their own house builds. Come on in!

Alex xx



Quite literally situated at the heart of the house, in a central position on the light and lofty ‘living’ floor, for us, the kitchen was the most important room to get right. Like any family who enjoys food and entertaining, there was a list of ‘necessities’ that underpinned their kitchen planning from the start, but working with knowledgeable partners like Laminex New Zealand, the green kitchen of our dreams was brought to life (nothing like finding out your favourite colour comes as a standard Melteca option!).


living spaces

Island Bay House is a tale of two living spaces: one designed for every day, family living, configured around a large, family-sized sofa; and one designed for ‘quiet time’, where the view and in-built fireplace provide the focal point. Set at opposite ends of the house, the two living spaces are linked with a grand textured wall featuring an inverted scallop detail and painted in a lovely warm white: Dulux Haast Half. More on this on the Island Bay House journal.



master bedroom

Looking across the treetops to the twinkling lights of Auckland city, it’s hard to notice anything in the master other than the view, which sometimes makes you feel like you’re sleeping in a tree hut. But despite the commanding presence of the outdoors, this room achieves ‘cosiness’ through the use of natural materials, like in the American Oak custom headboard and bespoke Travertine stone wall lights. And just wait until you see the hidden walk-in wardrobe!



kids bedrooms

With a newborn and a three-year-old, room decorating decisions can be tricky, as you know in next to no time their interests and personalities will change. For this reason, Goldie and Austen’s rooms are naturally neutral (even the pink walls are a lovely subtle tone in Dulux Hopelands Half). At first look, the rooms look fresh and ultra-modern but look closer and you’ll also discover some small, sentimental details including flowers from my wedding bouquet and an art piece that was also in my room growing up.  




Around every corner of Island Bay House you’re met with the textural finish of Travertine stone, a beautiful natural material the marries the three bathrooms together. However each of the two and a half bathrooms has its own unique features and ‘look’ to discover, from the floor to ceiling glass windows that make you feel like you’re bathing in the bush, to the terrazzo and dark green mosaic tiles that took three years to source. Click through to uncover all the features that make these rooms special.



outdoor living

We’re definitely summer people who love entertaining outdoors, so this rooftop deck was specially designed for that! Acting as an extension of our living area, the large scale seating, Laminam outdoor kitchen, kitchen garden, and custom-designed sun shelter (another Corban special) allows for plenty of fun in the sun. 




And there she is! We couldn’t have completed this build without the hard work and amazing workmanship of our builders, so we’re sending a big special thanks to the team at Buildstrong, for helping us pull this off! For a more in-depth background on our build, head over to the A&C journal or our Island Bay House website