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How to add Character to a White Kitchen

Styling: Alex Walls

House & Kitchen: Olivia Buchanan

Photography: Sophia Bayly

White happens to be people’s top choice when it comes to selecting colours for kitchens. There’s something about White being so crisp and gives the feeling of cleanliness especially for your food prep and storage. Not to mention that White is a safe and timeless option. But how do you give your kitchen a bit of personality so it doesn’t seem so bland?

Our lovely friends have just renovated their kitchen. It used to be a piddly little room tucked away in the corner of the house, and they have now knocked down a wall to create a lovely and light galley kitchen with a beautiful porcelain bench top and the most amazing tiling. We took over their kitchen for a day to help illustrate how to style your kitchen with a bit of personality without cluttering or taking away from function.

These are our top tips on how to add personality to a white kitchen:

  1. Bring in Colour. This is the obvious go-to tip. Bringing in colour can be easy without being over the top. Look at adding in some colourful cookbooks, storage canisters or vases. 
  2. Display the Utilities. Curate a styled arrangement of your utensils, salt & peppers and spices with a styled platter or tray with matching utensil holders and bowls set in close proximity to your stovetop. 
  3. Add Texture. Using a textured or patterned tile to break up large surfaces of white for splashbacks or around window framing. 
  4. Add Fruit and Flowers. No need to bombard your kitchen with a huge basket of fruit, but a few pieces on the counter in a small bowl or plate, and fresh green leaves or flowers in a vase goes a long way to adding colour. 
  5. Colour co-ordination. Plan how your serveware works with your cookware, every day crockery and pots and pans… You never know when they will all be displayed together. ( We’ve gone with a simple Black and White).


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