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Dulux Colour Forecast 2019: FILTER

It’s Dulux Colour Forecast time again!

As ambassadors for Dulux (and just huge colour fans in general!) we feel very lucky indeed to be able to work closely with the amazing team that puts together the masterpiece that is the Colour Forecast each year.
Introducing the Dulux Colour Forecast 2019: FILTER. A collection of four colour palettes drawn from observations on the often overwhelming influence of technology in our lives and how we choose to adopt and adapt what we are presented with through these channels in our own lives and homes to reflect our personality, character and identity.

Phew! Quite a big idea but an important and really interesting one too.Repair palette Dulux Colour Forecast. Photo by Lisa Cohen, Styled by Bree Leech. Wall colour Dulux Otatara.  

“...‘Filter’ - something we all have to do in today’s busy world if we want to not only survive but nurture ourselves and thrive. Filter helps us to tap out of all the distractions and instead focus on things that move and inspire us.”


This year it’s been even more special because to celebrate the release of FILTER, 
we were invited to put one of the four palettes to the test in a room design. So… which palette did we pick and how did we use it?



Wholeself Palette Dulux Colour Forecast. Stylist Bree Leech. Photographer Lisa Cohen. Wall colour Dulux Silver Thaw, ceiling in Dulux Milton.  

“With the eve-present glow of screens, rapid taps and swift swipes of our digital devices, our brains are in overdrive, craving simplicity, silence and a disconnection from screen time. In our search for wellness and ‘wholeself’ we look to clear the mental clutter by making our homes our temple with a calming, distraction-free zone. With an overwhelming need to pare back, digitally-detox and mono-task, rather than the multi-task in our busy lives, when at home the Wholeself palette celebrates minimalism through undulating forms. It also details sumptuous texture and block colour of cosy pinks, offset against warm neutrals, golds and mauve-greys.”

We were drawn to the idea behind this palette and thought what better room to apply the soul soothing colours to than a bedroom, where rest and rejuvenation can really happen, away from the chaos and screens?

Keep an eye out on the Dulux New Zealand Instagram to find out how you could win this bedroom look for yourself.  

get the look: 

Step 1: A fresh lick of paint.

Dulux Hopelands was the colour we chose for the walls. It’s like a beautiful soft beige with a hint of lilac and we thought the perfect neutral to build a soothing and restful room around.


Step 2: Dress the bed in accent colours.

Using natural linens from our own A&C collection, we created this bed look with our neutral Smoke Grey layered with colour pops drawn from the Wholeself palette including Kombucha (Dulux match: Dulux Baylys Beach) and Ochre (Dulux match: Dulux Cavalli Islands).

Step 3: Bring in soft, plush textures.

Being a bedroom, that element of cosy comfort is a must! Sumptuous texture is added with furniture, accent pillows and animal hides.


Step 4: Use soft, round forms.

We chose to use only round, simple forms to keep the look calming and minimal – no sharp, hard edges in sight! We love our bespoke half-moon headboard in Dulux Waihi. This addition of a golden mustard tone is a refreshing complement to the otherwise very tonal, feminine palette.

Step 5: Add fragrant candles.

Any excuse to light up a candle and enjoy the sensory experience of smell! My favourite scents for creating a calming environment are spicy cinnamon and earthy sandalwood.

Watch our full Get The Look video here.

To dive into the rest of Dulux Colour Forecast 2019: FILTER, we highly recommend checking out the full e-magazine here. As always the imagery styled by colour queen Bree Leech and shot by Lisa Cohen is stunning!
Here’s a little sneak peek…


Legacy Palette Dulux Colour Forecast. Stylist Bree Leech. Photographer Lisa Cohen.Wall (rear) in Dulux Shepherd’s Warning, console in Federation Brown, wall (right) in Pink Linen Half, ceiling & trims in St Clair quarter. Artwork: Orphelia Ritual One art print, Figgoscope Curates.


Identity Palette Dulux Colour Forecast. Stylist Bree Leech. Photographer Lisa Cohen. Walls in Dulux Southern Alps, feature wall (right) in Dulux Massey, column (left) in Devil's Staircase, column (right) in Sunbird Orange. Artworks from left: ‘This Life We Share’ original artwork, by Jasmine Mansbridge, Fenton & Fenton, 'Untitled no.23’ original artwork by Max Lawrence White, Modern Times, ‘Blue Savana’ original artwork by Mim Fanning, Studio Gallery.