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Christmas Style

This year we are going simple with our Christmas Styling at home, and we wanted to share with you two easy themes that we love at the moment.


Using decorations made from organic and natural materials, you can continue this theme from the tree decorations right through to dining table settings and special personalised favours for Christmas Day.

Go for a bush walk and find some pinecones- you can leave these natural and arrange at the bottom of a tree, pile up in a special bowl on the coffee table with a candle in the centre, or even simply use as display on the christmas dining table.

You could also dip them in paint or spray paint to work with your colour theme. But we just love the natural look.

Grab some Rosemary from your garden and pop a bunch like a bouquet in a vase- it's beautiful aroma will fill the room and also look lovely and christmassy.

Look for decorations made from timber, handmade clay or natural fibres to work with this look.


For something on the opposite spectrum to the natural organic look, you might want to stick to a minimalist and polished theme. We like the idea of sticking to simple Black, White, Marble and Gold (or metallic accent).

Look for ALL WHITE decorations, Marble and small hints or accents of Brass for candle holders, trays or special ornaments around the place.

This looks fabulous with Black backdrop or table cloths?

You could even see if you could get your hands on a Black Christmas tree... that would look AWESOME!

I found some White and Black feathers at the $2 shop which look pretty great all piled together in a little brass votive or small jar on the dining table.