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Nature provides the most magnificent array of colour and texture.

However these days, with our increased focus on work, housing, building infrastructure and our general lack of time, it can sometimes feel that nature and all that it provides us with has become somewhat invisible and neglected. 
In my styling and design, I am always inspired to add more and more texture. Pulling out and layering with different surfaces or colours found in a particular material or texture excites me, so this Autumn/Winter season I have taken this idea and curated three ranges inspired by textures found naturally formed in nature.

Our second collection for AW18 is called AMALGAMATE and takes its cues from the cool, calming and contrasting textures of some of nature’s cleverest formations: stone, glass, ice and steel. 

Exploring the materials and structures found in nature, this time with a focus on a cool colour palette of blues and greens, we’ve drawn together a range of special textiles and pieces in a limited collection to give bring character and a sense of home to your space.

Alex xx