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We are a very proud stockist of Armadillo & Co, makers of the seriously beautiful, handcrafted rug collection we came to love during our time on The Block. 

Ever since we chose the Sierra Weave Rug for one of our room reveals and got to know a bit more about Armadillo & Co and their ethical story, we've been on board with this brand.

Throughout this process Armadillo & Co follows fair trade practices, and, through the charitable Armadillo & Co Foundation, they give back to the villages where Armadillo & Co rugs are made through the financial support of local organisations including schools and hospitals.

Made from natural and sustainable fibres - like wool, jute, cotton and hemp - these rugs will instantly inject warmth and texture to your home, and being handmade, they all have natural variations that give them an individual and unique character.

how to choose the perfect rug

One of the most transformative things you can add to a room is a rug, so it's important to get it right! Not only can it change the look and feel of your space, it's also something that needs to be practical and of a quality that's going to last the distance.

Lucky for you, we've done our research on how to choose the perfect rug so you don't have to! Check out our tips below and get in touch with our team to discuss your options and order details once you're ready to select yours.

placement & wearability

One of the first things you need to ask yourself when choosing a rug is how much wear and tear are you going to be putting this thing through? Will the rug live in your bedroom and therefore a typically low traffic area? Or will it be right in the thick of your main thoroughfare or family zone, getting as much use as possible?

These factors can make a big difference when considering things like fabrication, colour, weave etc.

Low traffic: here you can afford to focus less on durability and more on the luxury and softness factors. One of the stand-outs from the Armadillo & Co range is definitely the Sierra Weave (shown above) - it's simply beautiful and makes a stylish statement in any bedroom or formal room, with a looser, chunky knit style weave that is super soft and cosy.

High traffic: if you love the look and feel of wool, but you want the flexibility of being able to use it in a more frequented room, the Sherpa Weave (above) strikes a good balance. Its weave is tighter than the Sierra, so it's less prone to pilling, but its textural finish means it's also a warm, inviting addition to your home.

Another good option for high traffic areas is the Serengeti Weave Rug in a hardwearing, jute. Featuring a classic herringbone look weave, this is a sturdy style that makes a textural statement.

size & colour

So you know which rug style is 'you' and you're ready to see it in your space, but you're not sure what size or colour is the most suitable for your room? Let us help!

As a general rule, we always suggest that bigger is better - not only are large scale rugs trending in interiors right now, they also offer the real benefit of making your room feel more spacious.

Do consider the furniture that will sit with the rug and try to choose a rug size that will allow room for all these pieces. For example, in a dining area, we suggest sizing your rug to sit underneath your table and chairs, with an additional 20cm 'border' around the outside to create a well-designed zone.

When it comes to colour, you've got a lot of options to choose from in the Armadillo & Co range. At A&C we stock a great range of neutral grey tones, from creamy chalk tones to darker charcoal hues. Our jute styles also range from simple natural coloured fibres to a mix of naturally died tones woven together.

If you are looking for more of a style statement, the Berber Knot Zulu Rug is a striking piece with a contrast tribal pattern and hand cut texture. We also love the Berber Knot Atlas Rug, which takes cues from traditional Moroccan Beni Ourain rugs with large scale diamond pattern and a low pile.

care & maintenance

Prompt treatment of spills, regular vacuuming and the rotation of any rugs in high traffic or sunlit areas will extend the life of your rug. See below for more tips on how to best care for your rug.

  • Rotate rugs from end to end or place them in different parts of the house to share the wear.
  • Direct sunlight and heat sources, such as gas heaters and fireplaces, can cause the natural fibres to dry out and fade. Position your rug away from both.
  • Reduce bacteria build-up with sunlight and kill any moth eggs naturally. Every few months, turn your rug over and place it in the sun for an hour. Vacuum the back of your rug before repositioning.
  • Keep rugs dry and out of dark places, such as tucked tightly under lounge suites or furniture. Some insect larvae eat proteins as wool and adult moths, in particular, will lay their eggs in dark, damp and warm spaces.
  • Clean hard floors regularly with microfibre mops and water only (no detergents), or use a steam mop if appropriate. Detergent and soap residues can become sticky and collect other dirt, which is then walked onto your rug. By keeping your hard floors clean, your rug will stay cleaner for longer.
  • Move rugs a few centimetres every month to soften any fading on carpet or timber floors underneath. When the rugs are eventually moved from the room, the fading on the floor will be graduated and less noticeable.