Frenchie Hot Crossed Easter Brunch

It’s time to set the table and gather around the for a finger licking easter feast. We’ve pulled together a delicious recipe that’ll be sure to keep every bunny happy.

Alex’s Frenchie  Hot Crossed Brunch

You'll Need

4 - 6 Hot Crossed Buns

2 Eggs

2 tbs of Caster Sugar

1 tbs cinnamon

125 ml Milk

1 T Butter

Custard Mixture:
1 Egg
2 Tb Runny Honey
125g Greek Yoghurt, or Coconut Yoghurt

Pull It Together

Cut the buns in half.
Whisk all the wet ingredients together
Dip the buns in the egg mixture until nicely soaked. 
Fry the buns in a Tbsp of Butter in a frying pan, until nice and golden on each side
Place buns in a ovenproof dish
Now whisk 1 egg, the yoghurt and Runny honey together until nice and smooth
Pour over the buns, and scatter blueberries on top
Bake for 15-20 minutes (or until egg is set) on Bake 180 degrees
Serve with runny honey and a sprinkle of icing sugar

 Alex’s Frenchie  Hot Crossed Brunch

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