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A&C Top Tips on Team Work

Renovating projects, or just any projects in general with your partner or a close friend can make or break you.

We believe that the success of your project relies on the planning and preparation to help ensure a no stress project, and the end result being that you are all still friends/partners at the end.

We thought it might be helpful to share with you our tips on working as a team.

As simple as they may sound, some points are really easy to forget when you are in the midst of your project.

Start with a Planning Session

  • Get together and talk through the objectives of the project
  • Make sure you both understand the design, the limitations, deadlines and discuss some contingency plans too
  • Discuss what the implications are if certain things don't work out
  • Prioritise the entire project from MOST IMPORTANT to the LEAST IMPORTANT 

Understand your roles and responsibilities

You can't be an expert at everything, and the point of working as a team is that each individual get's to offer their own personal skills to the project to complement each other.

  • At the start, you need to understand what each other's responsibilites are, and delegate jobs by understanding each others skill sets and passions
  • TRUST the other person with their OWN responsibilities, and don't get involved unless you are asked (don't be a control freak)


Before we do any type of job or project, we make a list of all of the jobs that need to be completed. Based on our natural abilities and skill sets, we talk through who will do what, and ensure that we leave that person responsible for completing it.

Make sure you go over what was completes at the end of the day, and update with a NEW list for the following day!


For us, I (Alex) usually leave the physical strength and structural/engineering jobs up to Corban.

With my strengths, I do all of the researching, designing, shopping, budgeting styling and finishing touches to making things pretty.


Communication is KEY!

Most arguments or issues that come up between Corban and I are purely communication breakdowns. All we need to do to avoid these issues is keep talking. You may feel that you end up spending the majority of your time talking, but if you keep the other updated with what stage you are at, then that means the other can work with and assist you when needed.

Just remember, you need to trust each other and support each other through your projects! There is absolutely NO TIME FOR ARGUING, and there is no benefit to it either! 

Keep Calm and remember that you are a team!