Island Bay House: Bathrooms

This house has two and a half bathrooms: an ensuite, main family bathroom and an extravagant guest toilet.

With one of our first design decisions for the house being the selection of Travertine stone, we wanted to ensure this was used and extended throughout all bathrooms. A key feature that marries all bathroom designs together is the vanities that Corban designed. Then with each bathroom we wanted them to feel similar, but each with their own unique feel or features.

We hunted high and low for tiles throughout New Zealand and internationally, settling with a nice selection from Artedomus and Surface Gallery in Australia. It was important to us that the texture of tiles was right, and fit in with our chosen colour palette. All our chosen tiles and bathroom designs paired beautifully with a brushed brass hardware selection from Astra Walker at Kitchenhub.

The ensuite design is a long and narrow walkway shower, designed to feel like you are showering outside in the bush with the floor to ceiling glass. See more on the ensuite and master bedroom here.

The family bathroom also has a floor to ceiling window, which means that you can soak in the family sized bath while feeling like you are nestled amongst the trees. Now that we are in the house, we are thoroughly enjoying the family bath (yes, all four of us fit in there), watching the birds sitting in the trees while we bathe or shower.

The guest toilet is a nice little surprise behind a sliding door: a dark green powder room with skylight and luxury touches like the Douglas & Bec light and Joska & Sons mirror.


One of the most difficult elements of design to source in this house were tiles. It sounds excessive, but for three years we were looking for the right tiles for this house and to match into our colour palette. As we couldn’t quite find what we were after here in New Zealand, we investigated importing from America, Italy, Vietnam and Australia, with almost all options being out of this world expensive!

We found the beautiful green terrazzo tile for the bathroom floors from Surface Gallery in Australia. Luckily we were able to make the shipment cost effective, combining other shipments and our scullery tiles which are also from Surface Gallery.

We then found this handmade looking white brick tile from Artedomus that fit perfectly with our other selections, and placing vertically was important so that it didn’t look or feel like a subway tile.

The dark green mosaic tiles used in the guest toilet are also from Artedomus.


Corban designed and made his own trough vanities from Travertine slabs for each bathroom. Each vanity is slightly different in size, but are all designed with a wide format and without a conventional waste plug.

Bathroom Details:

White brick tiles: Artedomus

Terrazzo floor tiles: Surface Gallery

Dark green mosaic tiles: Artedomus

Travertine vanities: designed by Corban, with travertine split face stone imported and sourced from a mill in Turkey.

Brass tapware: Astra Walker from Kitchen Hub

Brass mirrors: Custom made by Joska and Sons, available at A&C Homestore

Towel rails: designed and made by Corban

Bath: imported from China

Ensuite wall light: Douglas and Bec

All furnishings and accessories:  A&C Homestore


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