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DIY Leather Wall Hooks


What you will need:

- Leather Strapping 35mm (You can purchase from Lapco)

- Metal Ruler

- Very sharp Stanley Knife

- Drill and 5mm drill bit

- Copper Rose head nails (from Bunnings)

- Hammer

- Mark on the strapping the length that you want to make the strapping hook. We have made ours 30cm long

- Using a very sharp stanley knife and the metal ruler to help guide, cut along the line you have marked.

- At the top of the leather strap, with the nail make a mark at 1.2cm down from the top of the strapping. This will be where you create a drill hold for the top strap to loop over the nail when secured to the wall.

Draw a 1.5cm line to where you will make a cut to help ease the top part of strap over the nail

- With the drill, slowly drill a hole where you havre marked. Be sure to do this slowly to ensure the leather doesn't tear.

- Then cut the line with the metal ruler and stanley knife

- Ensure your nail can weave through the strap

- Now with the right side of the leather against the wall, 1.2cm down from the top of the strap you need to hammer the nail into the wall, securing the strap.

- Keep the nail about 1.2cm out from the wall.

Now you have a lovely looking leather strap that you can hang bags, umbrellas and hanging plants from.