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A&C Office Makeover


Last Year, Corban and I took over the lease of an old Korean Karaoke Bar to run our businesses from.

Before we did anything to the space, it was incredibly hard to visualise what an earth you could do with it? The full 90sqm was divided into 6 separate Karaoke booths with a hallway straight through the middle, each room featuring a disco light, Korean graffiti and huge holes in the walls that were covered up with sheets of wall paper and one coat of White paint.

You can see here that the place had next to no natural light- so the plan was to rip down the walls, and the disco lights were re-purposed to become construction hats obviously!


A team of 4 of us got straight in there with sledge hammers and pulled down a couple of walls that instantly revealed the natural light from two windows, and created a great open plan set-up.

Here's the team of boys doing the dirty demo work... I just took pictures (haha).

As soon as we knocked down all of the unnecessary walls, it instantly revealed some much needed natural light into the main space.


Painted plasterboard walls just seemed a bit ordinary and instead we wanted to incorporate timber and rich textures to create warmth in a space that naturally felt like a cold cave. We couldn’t afford timber however, so we came up with a combination of materials like plywood, un-sanded strand-board stained black, and a CNC cut pegboard for it’s functionality and textural aesthetic. The warmth of the plywood contrasted with White and Black softened the space and created more light.



Once we lined all of the walls and honed back the flooring, we had an ideal canvas to start accessorising with. The pegboard walls have been particularly fun, I love the flexibility of being able to put a shelf anywhere, and being creative with the material for the pegs- we’ve used brass pipe to hang plants and mount the shelves.

With this office doubling as a creative collaborative space as well as the main distribution centre for our online store, it has been very tricky to ensure a balance between minimalist style and functionality. Corban being Mr. Fusspot clearly cordoned off the key areas to stay clutter free, and that’s where we have applied the pegboards, so that mess and filing and can be stored up high away from usable areas.

The colour palette was decided early on to be Black, White and using blonde timbers. Staying simple means it accommodates our ever-changing layout and styling that comes and goes with the seasons of our store.



We also made a great feature out of the bathrooms. With a tight budget we got creative with paint, emphasising a hallway look for the boys, and for the girls we stencilled a Black and White grid floor and wall for something fun.






There was a lot that needed to be done to get this space up to scratch, and budget was our first discussion. We started off with a long wish list and then attributed costs to each stage, and with that in place we had to eliminate the ideas that were going to be too costly, and instead get resourcefully creative for our wish list furniture pieces.

The biggest costs for us were the wall paneling and machining, which cost approximately $200 per 2.4 x 1.2 meter panel. It was worth every penny, as it completely transformed the space.

The concrete floor to have an industrial grind and seal cost around $3,000, and then the rest of the shell was affordable paint, simple down lighting, and making all of our own office furniture for styling. All up for 90 sqm office we spent about $100 per SQM.