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DIY Christmas Dining Table

Christmas is an exciting time, and also a pretty expensive time for us all!

But that doesn't mean we have to resort to the paper napkins and paper plates for our Christmas Day dining. There are some cool little idea's that we have put together to ensure that your Christmas Dining works no matter what the budget is!


Make your own napkins to work within your colour palette! I just got 2 meters of a lovely linen from the local emporium and ripped up panels that could be used as cloth napkins.

For the napkin rings, I have used the Broste Brass Napkin Rings, but an alternative might be using a piece of twine tied into a bow and with a nice fresh sprig of rosemary.

DIY Floral Wreaths

If you missed out on our wreath workshop, here are a few photos that might help explain how to make your own! It's all about the green foliage.

The best tip from Kathryn was that you need to start with the greenery first- and all of the foliage and flowers are all to follow the same direction (either clockwise or anti-clockwise).

Once you have your foliage set in the oasis, then you start adding colour and personality. Think about items like pine cones, fruit, berries and flowers to add colour and variety.



What about making your table centre quite rustic?

I love the idea of getting chopped tree trunks and using them as hot plates, or even just used to create a variety of height in the middle of your table for candles and ornaments.


For some fresh decorations- add Potted Fresh Herbs to the table. Not only will they be great for chopping off and adding to your food as garnishes or for extra taste, but they look awesome too!

You could also add some fresh sprigs of rosemary to the napkin settings to make it look fresh.



Make it personal 

Head into a $2 shop and grab some manilla name tags and write out the names of your guests. It's such a simple thing to do, but your guests will actually feel invited (haha), and also everyone always loves when people take the time to make things personal.