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The Triangle Shelf

Storage for kids rooms, bedrooms or living spaces can get super boring!!! So we put ourselves to the test to see if we could come up with something a little more interesting for our latest room reveal.

Designing this Triangle shelf really tested our Math skills (or should I say Corban's math skills, since I didn't even know where to start).

With this design it quickly became the centre piece for our next room reveal. What a fun and simple way to create space for storage, toys, books and all of those things that need a home in your kids rooms.

If you want to give this a shot at home, follow these steps.


- Measure and draw up the exact size and scale of the shelf before you go out and get the supplies.

- Make sure the shelf is going to fit into the room first! (We didn't quite think of this at the beginning).

Here are the dimensions that we followed:

Once you have planned out your dimensions, you need to gather together the following items:

- Lengths of Pine clears. We used a finger jointed Pine plank from South Pacific Timber which was 280mm wide by 19mm thick

- Drop saw

- Tape Measure

- A square

- PVA Glue

- Pins and Brad nailer


When cutting your timber to length, the most important part is cutting the right angles so that when you assemble the joins are neat with no gaps.

There is a total of 16 cuts, and really easy.

All you need to do is set up your drop saw once, and at a 30° angle cut.

Cut all of your lengths, your three outside pieces are all identical (as this is an equilateral triangle).

Here's a quick diagram to show you how where all the seams are:


Start by assembling the three outside pieces.

At every seam you need to apply PVA glue, and then punch three pins with the brad nailer to keep it secure.

Repeat for all shelves, glueing on first and pinning from the outside.

There you have it, the Triangle Shelf! What a fun project to do at home. If you do it, please share with us on Facebook or Instagram @alexandcorban